Baby Talks To Daddy On The Phone In Her Own Language – Totally Hilarious!

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When babies are still learning to speak, most of the time they all talk gibberish! We often times refer to it as “their own language.” Whatever it is, we can’t deny that these babies are downright adorable every time they try to speak! Meet baby Emelia, who’s was sixteen months old when this video was filmed and still  learning to speak.  She is having a conversation with her daddy and it looks like she knows what’s going on, but does dad on the other end?  We hear a few words we understand like “num num mummies” and  “buggy”but who knows about the rest! Click the video below and watch this cute little girl talking on the phone!

We can’t help but laugh! She is too cute and definitely speaks her own language. Her parents should enjoy it now, before she can start telling them what to do!

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