10 Year Old’s Invention Could End Hot Car Deaths

hot car deaths

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It’s hard to imagine what could possess a parent to leave their child in a hot car, but it happens more often than we’d like to think. Twelve children have already lost their lives to heatstroke in cars so far this year, and unfortunately we haven’t even made it through the summer.

Bishop Curry wants to bring the number of hot car deaths down to zero. Bishop is only 10, but he’s already well on his way to being a legendary inventor. In his spare time he enjoys playing football – by putting the ball in a homemade trebuchet and launching it across his yard, and he has big ideas that could change the world. Last year Bishop heard when a 6 month old baby in his community was left in a car and passed away, and he hasn’t forgotten it. Where most children have short attention spans and would’ve moved on to something else a moment later, Bishop was inspired to take action, and came up with his most incredible invention so far.

He’s named his creation Oasis. The tiny box would attach to a car seat and monitor the temperature inside the car. Once the car neared a temperature too high to be safe, Oasis would blow cool air onto the child in the car seat and alert parents and authorities to the situation. Bishop’s genius invention could save the lives of hundreds of children and maybe even pets in just a few years.

At the moment, Oasis is only an idea and a model made of pink clay, but Bishop’s dad has created a GoFundMe page to fund his idea and make it a reality. You can help Bishop end hot car deaths by giving to his GoFundMe page and showing your support!

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