5 Butterbeer Recipes For Your Harry Potter Lovers

butterbeer recipes

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If you love the magical world of Harry Potter, chances are you’ve pined for a piping hot mug of butterbeer. The Hogsmeade Village beverage was actually left up the imagination for us readers, but we’d like to think it involves the silky taste of butter and probably some butterscotch, too. If you’re craving for some wizarding world treats, then keep reading for some tasty butterbeer recipes you won’t want to miss.

butterbeer recipes

Source: DineAndDish.net

1. Butterbeer

You can’t start a recipe roundup of butterbeer recipes, without the standard butterbeer! While there are tons of versions, and even a way to purchase pre-made options at Universal Studios, it ultimately comes down to your own tastes. Whether you prefer a piping hot or chilly, frozen recipe, just know your butter beer is coming with plenty of butterscotch and creamy butter flavors.

Get this chilled butter recipe at DineAndDish.net

Source: BijouxAndBits.com

2. Butterbeer Cake

Now you can have your butterbeer cake, and eat it too! Butterbeer flavored cake, brown butter vanilla buttercream and salted caramel ganache all come together in this tasty cake that would make Harry Potter proud. Don’t forget the fondant golden snitches!

Head to BijouxAndBits.com to get this truly decadent dessert recipe.

butterbeer recipes

Source: SugarAndSoul.co

3. Butterbeer Cupcakes

Butter extract, toffee bits and butterscotch chips come together to form delightful butterbeer cupcakes. Homemade frosting made with even more butterscotch give this treat the perfect Hogsmeade Village vibe!

Check out all the details for this recipe at SugarAndSoul.co.

butterbeer recipes

Source: CookiesAndCups.com

4. Butterbeer Thumbprint Cookies

Tasty vanilla butter cookies are made wizard-friendly with decadent butterscotch filling. This simple cookie is great when you just need a little something sweet for your day!

Check out the easy recipe at CookiesAndCups.com.

butterbeer recipes

Source: AshleeMarie.com

5. Butterbeer Fudge

A layer of creamy marshmallow topped with silky butterscotch? YES PLEASE! This butterbeer fudge is perfect for holidays and for satisfying a sweet tooth. Accio fudge!

Head to AshleeMarie.com to see the complete recipe.



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5 Butterbeer Recipes For Your Harry Potter Lovers

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