6 Ooey, Chewy Pudding Cookies To Up Your Cookie Game

pudding cookies

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If you’ve never had a pudding cookie, you’re in for a real surprise. Think: traditional cookie in all your favorite flavors, made even more soft and chewy by adding one simple ingredient: pudding mix! One 3.4 ounce box of pudding mix is all it takes to transform your cookies into the neighborhood favorite. At least that’s what my neighbors tell me when it comes to my secret ingredient chocolate chip cookies! But it’s not just about chocolate chip cookies, there are many more pudding cookies out there and you probably should try them all. Here’s a quick list of some of my favorites.

peanut butter cookies

Source: InsideBruCrewLife.com

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Pudding Cookies

Be still my peanut butter loving heart! These cookies are made soft and chewy by adding vanilla pudding mix that will help keep them tasting amazing for several days, unlike regular cookies which get hard pretty quickly. Add in some Reese’s Pieces AND peanut bitter cups and enjoy this cookie with a chilly glass of milk.

Check out the tasty recipe at InsideBruCrewLife.com.

pudding cookies

Source: LifeAsMama.com

2. Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe is near and dear to my heart because it’s mine! Chocolate chip cookies are my all-time fav cookie and I’ve spent years perfecting my own recipe. The key is the vanilla pudding and I can easily eat half a dozen of these in one sitting. I recommend dark chocolate chips, baking for only 9 minutes and enjoying while still hot and gooey 🙂

You can snag the whole recipe and my tips right here on LifeAsMama.com!

pudding cookies

Source: TogetherAsAFamily.com

3. Oreo Cookies & Creme Pudding Cookies

Cookie overload! But in the best way possible. I love me some cookies & creme and that’s why this list is going on the rotation. Made with cookies & creme Hershey bars, cookies & creme pudding mix AND mini Oreo’s makes this the ultimate treat for C&C lovers. Equal parts chewy and crispy, this tasty cookie will really hit the spot.

Check out this recipe at TogetherAsAFamily.com, along with tons of others!

pudding cookies

Source: HereComesTheSunBlog.net

4. Mint Chocolate Chip Pudding Cookies

My daughter calls anything mint and chocolate related “Mint Chimp” and that’s why I just had to add a cookie of similar flavor to this list. I also attribute everyone’s love of mint chocolate to the Girl Scouts and their amazing Thin Mints- it’s truly an all-American flavor! Chocolate pudding mix and either peppermint extra or essential oils are all you need aside from regular cookie ingredients to get this refreshing and chocolatey cookies for yourself. Wouldn’t these be great for the holidays too?

See how easy this recipe is at HereComesTheSunBlog.net!

pudding cookies

Source: ChewOutLoud.com

5. Soft Lemon Pudding Cookies

There’s just nothing like a refreshing, tangy lemon cookie! They’re tasty year round and this particular recipe has an amazing lemon GLAZE. Instant lemon pudding for the cookie and fresh lemon zest for the glaze make this cookie unstoppable and I’d even venture to say these would tasty pretty amazing for breakfast!

We found this recipe at the lovely, ChewOutLoud.com.

pudding cookies

Source: LeCremeDeLaCrumb.com

6. Butterscotch Chip Pudding Cookies

Well THESE are the most gorgeous cookies I’ve ever seen! Made with butterscotch pudding and butterscotch chips, then topped with sea salt, not only do you have a mouthwatering cookie on your hands but you’ve got a work of art too. The creator says that even if you don’t “like” butterscotch, you need to give these beauties a try. I’m all in!

See more gorgeous cookie photos at LeCremeDeLaCrumb.com (oh, and get the recipe too!).


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pudding cookies

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