Spice Up Your Christmas Crafting With These Festive Free Printables!

Christmas printables

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There is no doubt that Christmas is one of the most joyful holidays of the year. Everyone is in a festive mood and it’s a perfect time to gather with family and friends. Taking long walks, singing holiday songs and holiday crafting are just a few ways to enjoy your loved ones company. Even if you are not an everyday crafter, making unique home and gift decorations can be the ideal way to spend your spare time during holidays. If you want to add a personal touch to crafting this year, these Christmas printables are a good way to start. Decorate a gift, some yummy treats or make custom cards- the options are endless!

Christmas printables

1. Make a Wish Jar

For this craft you need to take an old jar, fill it with small cotton balls as a snow, write ”Wish Jar” on the label and apply it on the jar. Everyone can write their wishes (non-toy) that they’d like to see happen in the upcoming year on pieces of paper and put them in the jar. When you open the jar next Christmas you will be pleased when you see how much you’ve accomplished. It’s a great way to reflect on blessings and growth during the holiday season.

Christmas printables

2. Customize a Christmas Gift

For some people, the gift wrap is just as important as the gift inside. I know I personally LOVE wrapping gifts and making them beautiful! Instead of using store-bought labels, you can use your own printable versions to make each gift tag personal. No more confusion under the tree this year!

3. Decorate Christmas Treats

It’s hard to imagine a Christmas table without cookies and candies. They are a delicious addition to your holiday spread, but these sweets can also be a great gift. Treats can be made in various shapes, flavors and decorated with food coloring and sprinkles. Just put them in small paper bags with labels on them and offer them to your dinner guests. With treats wrapped like this, you will have the sweetest holiday celebration!

Christmas printables

4. Give Your Christmas Tree A New Look

Who loves Christmas ornaments!? Print these stickers to an adhesive paper, apply them on previously cut cardboard shapes, attach a little string and hang them on the tree. It is simple as that! Now you have new decorations to refresh the look of your Christmas tree.

5. Surprise Someone With DIY Christmas Cards

Homemade Christmas cards are the perfect way to wish a happy holiday to your family and friends. You can easily make cheerful cards by using these labels on colorful paper, using paint pens and writing a heartfelt message. Happy Holidays!


Christmas printables

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