6 Fun Activities That Will Get Your Family Into The Holiday Spirit

family into the holiday spirit

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The holidays are around the corner and parents everywhere are looking for ways to get the whole family involved in their Christmas traditions. It can be especially challenging to do so if you have teens that may not want to participate in some traditions for fear of looking “uncool.” However, just because they consider themselves much too cool to take photos in matching pajamas or watch reruns of old movies doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do together over the holidays. Look at this as an opportunity to come up with new traditions, re-invent others and create new memories together.

Here are some fun activities that will get the whole family into the spirit of the holidays.

1. Deck the halls.

A perfect way to inject some holiday fun this year is to let your kids help with decorating the house. Encourage them to bring out their inner artists by allowing them to decorate their rooms as they wish. They can also lend a hand with making wreaths, decorating your front porch, dinner table, etc.

2. Bake and decorate cookies together.

The holidays just aren’t the same in our home without the smell of freshly baked cookies wafting through the air. Getting your kids to help bake delicious cookies then letting them help with decorating them afterward is sure to be fun. Everyone will feel proud of their contribution towards the Christmas meal.

3. Make and send some Christmas cards.

I’ve always loved handing out hand-made cards and Christmas is the ideal time to do this. Asking your kids to make some cards for friends and family not only fires up their creativity but also keeps them occupied for hours on end.

4. Reach out to others.

Part of what makes the holidays special is being able to share with others, so find ways of reaching out to the less fortunate this holiday. There are so many ways you can teach your kids to give this holiday. For instance, you can volunteer at a nursing home, ask your kids to donate to a charity of their choice or even encourage your teens to go read Christmas stories to small kids at the local library.

5. Play games together.

Sticking to traditional games like charades can get pretty boring but there’s no reason not to put a new, more fun twist on them. You can also get your kids to teach you how to play their favorite video games or learn a completely new game together as a family.

6. Track Santa online.

Additionally, your tech-savvy kids can help track Santa live as he leaves the North Pole and goes around the world. You can set up a laptop or TV in your living room so everyone can stay updated on Santa’s progress and maybe even guess which countries he’ll visit next.

The holidays are a great time for the whole family to get together and spending a little time planning fun activities beforehand ensures that everyone will have a fantastic time!


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Tyler Jacobson is a father of three and avid outdoor enthusiast. He’s learned a thing or two about parenting and has turned from a full time career in digital media to helping fellow parents of teenagers. He pulls from his own life experiences raising spunky, free-spirited children, as well as his work with various organizations that help teens be their best selves. During his free time, Tyler enjoys taking his family into the mountains to connect with a simpler side of life which he finds grounding and rejuvenating.



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family into the holiday spirit

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