How To Create A Peaceful Calming Corner For Your Kids

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Children are expected to excel academically but rarely are they taught how to regulate emotions. As much as I hope my kids excel in school, I’ve made it a point to invest in their emotional regulation and independence more than I have invested in them academically. One way we do this as a family is through our home’s calming corner. You may have heard about calming corners before. This is a space in the home where children can go to find peace when they are feeling emotions that they want to change such as anger, sadness, or fear. We make it a point not to run away from our feelings, as it’s impossible to be joyful one hundred percent of the time, but we do want to find our way back to joy!

There will be a day when I can’t fix their problems, and they must learn how to feel their emotions and discover peace among the chaos they can’t always control.

Calming Corner

Here is how to create your own calming corner in your home:

1. Choose A Calm Location.

For example, you wouldn’t want your calming corner to be in a crowded closet surrounded by stimulants. This space should be in an area of your home that is simple and clutter-free. A window that lets the light in is an added bonus! Remember, this area is also for the child to get away from the other kids in the home, so it should be somewhat segregated as well.

2. Incorporate Yoga.

Yoga poses are known to naturally calm children. To keep kids independent in their corner, has a poster with simple yoga poses children can view and mimic. Print off a copy and place in a frame in the calming corner for your kids to refer to after they roll out their yoga mat. I really love the affirming phrases that go along with each pose as well!


3. Use Essential Oils.

An essential oil diffuser is a great way to calm children. Essential oils like lavender, cedarwood, Peace and Calming, or other essential oils naturally encourage peace. Have the drops ready to go in the diffuser and teach your kids how to turn it on when they need to sit in the calming corner. Here is an affordable diffuser that would work perfectly in a calming corner! I think the different color choices for the diffuser’s light is a great bonus too! I know my kids love to choose the color of our diffuser light whenever we turn it on. Sometimes giving kids a space to be independent is exactly what they need!

4. Provide Calming Activities.

The last thing you need in your calming corner is a bunch of toys! Be intentional about what activities you provide in this area of your home. A few examples of activities are the following:

  • Glitter Jars — shake the glitter in the jar and watch the glitter twirl. The child’s attention should be on the motion of the glitter which naturally calms their brains.
  • Therapy Brush — the texture of this brush feels good when rubbed on hands
  • Stress-ball
  • Coloring sheets & crayons

5. Access To A Weighted Blanket.

Weighted blankets are often used for therapy purposes. They are known to help decrease anxiety and feel like a warm, safe hug! Here are ten other benefits to weighted blankets and here’s where you can purchase a version your kids can place on their lap for comfort as they look for peace.

What are your thoughts on creating a calming corner in your home? Tell us in the comments more tips for helping your kids regulate their emotions!

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