What My Kids Have Learned From Seeing A Working Mom

working mom

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I grew up with a stay-at-home mom, and I loved it! In fact, when she TRIED to go to work, I threw a big enough fit that both the babysitter and my mother knew never to try it again. And they didn’t.

The attention, support, and close relationship I received from my mom I owe to her dedication in the home. You would think because of my great childhood experience I would choose to be a stay-at-home mom as well! But I didn’t.

You see, things have changed, and it’s nearly impossible for families to survive on one income. The cost of daycare drains the second income very fast — making it hardly worth it.

So as a working mom, I have been racked with guilt for not giving my children the childhood I received. But I have been on a journey to change my perspective and see that my children have learned a lot from seeing a working mom!

Here is a list of a few things:

1. Hard work

Money doesn’t grow on trees (although that would be nice)! We have to work hard to provide for our families or to live the life we desire! Hard work is an important lesson to teach children.

2. Organization

We have to balance our time as working moms in a different way than mothers who stay at home. Organizational skills doesn’t always come naturally, but it’s essential! Our children are watching us and will learn how to lead organized lives because of what they see.

3. Inspired to live their dreams

I am always encouraging my kids to dream and then to make those dreams happen! Well, some of us working moms are living our dreams, and our kids can be inspired as they watch us make our dreams come true! We can show them first hand that their dreams matter. For some kids, they will want to stay at home with their children, and that dream should be celebrated too!

4. Intentional quality time

Because our time is pulled in two directions, our family time is spent much more intentionally and the focus is on quality since quantity isn’t always an option.

Here is a post about the importance of being a present mother and ways to spend quality time together.

5. Priorities

Okay, so maybe I loved my mom staying home because I felt the center of her world along with my siblings! But I think it’s important for kids to learn that the world does NOT revolve around them. Growing up and seeing that the world didn’t care all that much about me was a hard lesson to learn. But now I am teaching my kids that they are loved beyond belief, but mommy’s goals and dreams are important too! It’s all about prioritizing them.

6. Equality

Sometimes I believe the guilt comes from being raised in a family where women stayed home, and the men provided. But I love that I get to teach my children that both their mommy and daddy get to do what they want. I LOVE working and being with them. Equality allows me to choose, and for that I am grateful!

Working moms…do you struggle with guilt? Tell us in the comments what you have taught your kids by being a working mom!


working mom

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