7 Hauntingly Cool Halloween Fairy Gardens

halloween fairy gardens

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If you enjoy gardening, you’ve probably caught on to how popular Fairy Gardens are this year. Just a few weeks ago we rounded up a bunch of really cute fairy garden ideas that are both easy and fun to make with your kids. Since we’re coming up on the end of summer and Fall decor is about to hit the stores, we figured that styling your fairy garden with some haunting but cute decorations would be fun too! Yes, Halloween fairy gardens are a thing (just ask Pinterest). Here are some of the best ideas we could find. Boo!

halloween fairy gardens

Source: HGTV.com

1. Ghostly Pumpkin Fairy Garden

I love all the natural elements in this fairy garden! The real pumpkin, the pinecone roof and the twig windows and door make this the perfect piece of Fall decor for your garden. Since it’s a real pumpkin, that means it won’t last forever, but I’d imagine you’ll be ready to make way for some fresh Thanksgiving decor once Halloween is over.

Check out the complete tutorial over at  HGTV.com!

halloween fairy gardens

Source: Sortrature.com

2. Halloween Box Fairy Garden

Boo! From the creepy homemade tombstones, to the scary witch, and the oogly ghosts, this is one scary Halloween Fairy Garden.  I love the moss, tree trunk and the grass that gives this box garden a “realistic” feel. If you plan it right, you can just plop this in a box and bring out every year for Halloween!

Head over to Sortrature.com for even more craft miniature garden ideas!

halloween fairy gardens

Source: Hometalk.com

3. Indoor Lighted Fairy Garden

I have several friends who LOOOOVEE Halloween and I can see this being right up their alley. An old bird bath was cleaned and painted and then given the royal Halloween treatment for this fairy garden. Water bottles were covered in napkins, given a coat of wood icing and then painted to make the creepy castle. Foam blocks were cut to make the staircase and then tons of moss and twigs pull this whole garden together. Don’t forget the fairy lights!

Luckily for us, Hometalk.com has the full tutorial for this expansive garden. Head over to get all the details!

halloween fairy fardens

Source: Vitamin-Ha.com

4. Bucket Halloween Fairy Garden

This small bucket garden is perfect for kiddos. To me, it almost looks like a cauldron! The creepy looking plants really give this mini garden that scary feel, don’t they? The tiny house and accessories, along with the Trick or Treat banner make this the perfect Halloween porch decor.

You’ll find even more mini garden ideas at Vitamin-Ha.com!

halloween fairy gardens

Source: TheGardenJunkie.blogspot.com

5. Tabletop Halloween Fairy Garden

This fairy garden is on the smaller side, making it great for a counter or table centerpiece this Halloween. I love the simple, smaller tree and basic little pumpkins that make this a more understated garden.

If you love all things garden, then be sure to visit TheGardenJunkie.blogspot.com for even more ideas!

halloween fairy gardens

Source: MyCraftSpot.com

6. Cutout Pumpkin Fairy Garden

Craft stores sell all kinds of pumpkin decor, and usually that includes “diorama” pumpkins, which are those with large holes that can be filled with the decor of your choice. This is a great option if you want to make a completely artificial garden that doesn’t require watering (or a green thumb) and can be used year after year. Simple twigs, some store bought fake moss and leaves and you’ve got yourself a cute Halloween fairy garden!

MyCraftSpot.com made this diorama pumpkin by cutting it herself! Get more tips by visiting her site and get making your own pumpkin fairy garden.

halloween fairy gardens

Source: LushLittleLandscapes.com

7. Spooky Dinner Halloween Fairy Garden

This fairy garden is for the detail-oriented! Every minute detail is included here: from the scary cookies and cupcakes found in the tiny table, to the eyeball garland. If you’re a major Halloween lover and love a craft project, this is for you.

Check out LushLittleLandscapes.com for some of the most intricate mini gardens you’ll ever see!


halloween fairy gardens

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