6 DIY Eucalyptus Wreaths For The Holidays

eucalyptus wreaths

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Who doesn’t love a little greenery when it comes to your holiday decor? This year, up your design game by whipping up a fresh wreath to welcome family and friends. These DIY eucalyptus wreaths are beautiful, simple and pack a lot of detail.

eucalyptus wreaths

Source: MaisonDePax

1. Faux Silver Drop Eucalyptus Wreath

This bright and lush looking wreath is a great way to enjoy eucalyptus for years to come! While nobody can deny the fragrance of real eucalyptus, making a faux version is much more friendly on the wallet. This particular wreath uses a grapevine wreath as the backing, and two different sizes of silver drop eucalyptus springs bought from a craft store. Just clip and insert! This would actually be a wonderful wreath to use year round, especially if you love the farmhouse style.

Get the full tutorial at MaisonDePax.

eucalyptus wreaths

Source: KeysToInspiration.com

2. Live Eucalyptus Wreath

Bust out your trusty grapevine wreath form again because you’ll need it for this lush and live wreath. During the latter half of the year, it’s not uncommon to find tons of fresh eucalyptus bunches at your local grocery store like the seeded and silver dollar variety. Simply snip and insert in the wreath form for a fragrant and welcoming entrance to your home. It may not last until next year, but isn’t it gorgeous?

Check out KeysToInspiration.com for the easy step by step instructions!

eucalyptus wreaths

Source: ABubblyLife.com

3. Live Eucalyptus Hoop Wreath

Company coming over? Not a crafty person? Don’t want to spend a lot of money? Check, check and check! This simple DIY hoop wreath only takes some fresh eucalyptus leaves and an embroidery hoop! Wind the leaves around the hoop form and hang––it couldn’t be easier.

See how easy it is at ABubblyLife.com.

eucalyptus wreaths

Source: Food52.com

4. Half Olive & Eucalyptus Wreath

We love everything about this simple and elegant half wreath. Fresh eucalyptus leaves are intermixed with olive leaves on a basic wire hoop. This would be a wonder addition to your interior decor, like in a holiday vignette or pretty much any blank space!

eucalyptus wreaths

Source: SandraAndRuben.com

5. Simple Silver Dollar Wreath

This modern feeling wreath is simply gorgeous, using real silver dollar eucalyptus leaves and floral wire. Shape the wire into your desired form and weave the leaves around. Voila! It couldn’t be easier or more pretty.

Head to SandraAndRuben.com for the details.

eucalyptus wreaths

Source: TheMerryThought.com

6. Minimal Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Wreath

Sometimes less is more, and that’s especially true with this gorgeous DIY eucalyptus wreath. You can use real or faux leaves, the effect is still the same––a festive and high-design piece of decor.

Check out the DIY project at TheMerryThought.com.



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6 DIY Eucalyptus Wreaths For The Holidays

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