10 Excellent Eggnog Desserts for this Christmas

eggnog desserts

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Now that Halloween is over we can officially talk about the holidays without feeling guilty. The decorations, music and food are what makes them so special, and we can’t get enough here at Life As Mama. In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, here is an eggcelent (see what we did there?) roundup of delicious eggnog desserts! You’ll want to try them all at least once.

eggnog recipes

Source: MeatloafAndMelodrama.com

1. Eggnog Pie

Light and fluffy and oh yeah––NO BAKE! This delicious and creamy pie will become a staple in your holiday dessert lineup. Vanilla pudding mix and eggnog combine to form this decadent dessert that’s layered into a store-bought crust and topped with nutmeg.

Check out the entire recipe at MeatloafAndMelodrama.com.

eggnog desserts

Source: CookingClassy.com

2. Eggnog Cookies

These aren’t just any cookies, these are melt in your mouth cookies! Rum extract and eggnog combine in both the cookie and then again in the decadent frosting to create a moist cookie that will be the envy of all your cookie exchanges!

You don’t want to miss this recipe from CookingClassy.com!

eggnog recipes

Source: LivForCake.com

3. Spiced Eggnog Cake

Spiced eggnog cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate ganache––are you kidding? This beautiful and undoubtedly delicious cake is definitely one to try this year. The moist cake is artfully made with gorgeous dripped ganache and fluffy frosting that can’t be beat.

Don’t miss this recipe at LivForCake.com

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