10 Excellent Eggnog Desserts for this Christmas

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eggnog desserts

Source: LilLuna.com

7. Eggnog Milkshake

This frosty treat is so easy, it will have you wondering why you haven’t been making it before! Ice cream, eggnog and some crumbled gingersnaps mean this festive milkshake is perfect for a mid-afternoon sugar pick me up!

LilLuna.com is where we found this sweet treat!

eggnog desserts

Source: WineAndGlue.com

8. Eggnog Dip

Who wants French onion dip when you can have eggnog dip!? This sweet take on a tip will have you licking the bowl. It’s made with cream cheese, eggnog, rum extract (there it is again!) and a few other tasty spices. It’s a great after school treat during the holidays, or a nice way to mix up your dip routine for that upcoming holiday party.

Grab this delicious concoction at WineAndGlue.com.

eggnog recipes

Source: AnAffairFromTheHeart.com

9. Eggnog Fudge

We’ll say please and thank you when it comes to this eggnog fudge! This festive treat is made using eggnog, marshmallow creme and white chocolate chips to get you started. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a sweet treat, without going overboard––so long as you cut the pieces small enough!

Lear about this recipe and making your own eggnog over at AnAffairFromTheHeart.com!

eggnog recipes

Source: CincyShopper.com

10. Eggnog Cheesecake

This homemade and no bake cheesecake is shockingly good, and one even a non-eggnog lover may enjoy. Homemade graham crackers form a crispy crust, and basic ingredients like butter, sugar, eggnog and cream cheese (to name a few) form the rest. Good luck not eating this entire cheesecake yourself!

Check out CincyShopper.com for this eggcelent eggnog recipe.



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10 Excellent Eggnog Desserts for this Christmas

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