5 DIY Marble Runs You Can Make This Afternoon

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Looking for STEM or STEAM activities for your kids? These activities teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math in a fun way and encourage kids to use their creativity. You can focus on engineering by creating some DIY Marble Runs this afternoon. Instead of purchasing an expensive marble run set, use what you have around the house!

DIY Marble Runs

Source: FrugalFun4Boys.com

1. Pegboard Marble Run

A pegboard, some paper towel tubes, some paper brads and some marbles- that’s all you need to get making your own DIY marble run! This is a great activity for young ones to master on their own. Let them create their own marble courses by attaching the paper towel tubes (you can add colored tape for more lively colors!) with brads and watch the magic of engineering come together.

Check out the full tutorial at FrugalFun4Boys.com.

DIY Marble Runs

Source: MamaPapaBubba.com

2. Marble Run Water Slide

Simple outside fun is the name of the game for this DIY marble run. Take a pool noodle (find one at the dollar store!), cut in half and then position as a slide over a tub of water. Grab a jar of marbles and let the kids melt away the hot summer days with their marble run.

Head to MamaPapaBubba.com for all the details!

DIY Marble Runs

Source: PreschoolToolKit.com

3. Cardboard Inclined Marble Run

Experiment with inclined planes in this simple marble run made from cardboard, plastic cubs and painters tape. This is a super simple DIY marble run that even little ones can help assemble. Minimal supplies, but maximum fun!

Head to PreschoolToolKit.com to see the easy details!

DIY Marble Runs

Source: TheCraftyMummy.com

4. LEGO Marble Run

Get those LEGO bricks out from under your feet and onto a marble run! Bigger kids will love using their favorite building blocks in a new way. Use a large baseplate to create a simple or complex maze for your marbles to travel. The best part is you can easily remake the maze as many times as you want. The magic of LEGOs!

Check out more ideas at TheCraftyMummy.com.

DIY Marble Runs

Source: ThisPilgrimLife.com

5. Train Track Marble Run

Grab that train track no one ever plays with anymore and make a marble run! This is a completely parent’s-free zone and we’re not sad about it. Let the kiddos come up with creating their own methods of getting marbles from point A to point B, and learn the magic of engineering in the process.

We found this great idea at ThisPilgrimLife.com. Head over for more fun projects!



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5 DIY Marble Runs You Can Make This Afternoon

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