5 Easy Methods For Teaching Kids How To Tie Their Shoes

how to tie shoes

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Buying shoes for kids just got harder. At least, it did if you’re starting to buy “big kid” shoes, which is usually size 11 and up. Why’s that? Because big kid shoes no longer have velcro, they have shoe laces! That means your little needs to know how to tie their shoes, because there’s just no way you’re spending all day retying shoe laces. Learning to tie shoe laces can be easy if your kid is ready, but it can be incredibly frustrating too. We’ve rounded up some of the best resources out there with to help your kiddos learn to tie their shoes in no time!

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Source: OneCraftyPlace.com

1. DIY Shoelace Tying Board

Using a large piece of cardboard and the outline of a shoe, this board is a great option for starting shoelace tying lessons. There are tons of songs that help kids remember each step, and the board is the perfect place to right them down and help in the process. Take it one step further by coloring one side of the shoelace to keep the steps straight!

Check out more on this DIY at OneCraftyPlace.com.

Coolest shoe tying trick ever!!! Posting to help anyone who is struggling like we were! Feel free to share ❤

Posted by Ashley Lillard on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2. Genius Hack by a 5-year-old

Sometimes kids just blow our minds and that’s especially the case with Colton in this video. He whips out a double knot in a genius hack that has us wondering, why didn’t we think of that?

3. Shoelace Tying For Kids With Poor Fine Motor Skills (tips from an OT!)

Parents of little ones who may struggle with poor fine motor skills due to a sensory processing disorder know that everyday tasks can be a challenge, and learning to tie shoes is one of them. This method from MommyEvolution.com is tried and tested and can get your kids feeling confident and independent.

Check out Jenny’s other site, The Sensory Spectrum, for more helpful tips and info on sensory processing disorders.

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Source: ItsAlwaysAutumn.com

4. Fastest Shoe Tying Method

I’ll admit, I’ve tied many shoes in my day and never seen this method! It’s easily the quickest, and while it does take some manual dexterity, your kids will definitely be the fastest shoe-tyers in the west! Head to ItsAlwaysAutumn.com to see the super simple video!

5. Circle Method

I can’t love this video more. From the snarky host to the simple method, this makes me want to grab my daughter and teach her to tie her shoes NOW. This is an excellent video geared at showing parents how to teach their kids, so there’s tons of helpful advice that’ll keep you patient and helpful along the way.


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how to tie shoes

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