I’ve always dreamed of simply running out to my backyard and snipping off some fresh rosemary for my roast chicken recipe. But alas, I am no gardener and my backyard rests against a natural canyon with tons of wildlife who feast on my plants. Nothing compares to the taste and ease of fresh herbs grown yourself! And that’s why I’m not giving up and still pine away to have my own herb garden. If this sounds like you, then check out some of these fun herb garden ideas!

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1. Vintage Galvanized Washtub Herb Garden

An herb garden can be just as pretty on the outside as the herbs within. These vintage galvanized washtubs are the perfect home for some brightly colored herbs that taste and smell great. Be sure to irrigate properly to have adequate drainage! These washtubs would look great on a deck or patio, especially if you have that vintage vibe.

You’ll find even more herb garden ideas at OnSuttonPlace.com.

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2. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Give me all the mason jar crafts! I know they’ve been pretty popular the last few years, but you can’t deny how instantly cute and stylish they make everything. This mason jar herb garden is perfect for people like me, who can’t sustain an outdoor herb garden because I kill everything of wild animals who eat my herbs. This herb garden is perfect for the indoors! All you need is a little soil, rocks for irrigation and herbs! This is the perfect countertop or centerpiece herb garden.

Get more details on this herb garden and tons of other crafts from Blog.ConsumerCrafts.com.

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3. Chalk Painted Herb Planters

I love, love, love these herb planters! The vintage feeling chalk paint and the typewriter font stamps really give these herb planters a farmhouse feel. They are the perfect marriage of fun and function and I can’t wait to make them myself for someone as a housewarming gift!

Find all the help you need recreating these herb planters at RusticAndWoven.com!

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4. Hanging Wood Planter

So, I’m no carpenter, but if I were I would totally make this hanging wood planter to keep my herbs off the ground and away from predators. It definitely requires a handy person to cut, drill and hang but no one can argue with how amazing and functional this planter is!

You’ll find tons of fun crafts and tips on turning old into new from Shanty-2-Chic.com.

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5. Utensil Caddy Herb Garden

Another great idea for housing herbs indoors is to use a basic utensil caddy like this! Your herbs will steal the show in this planter that can double as a centerpiece for your kitchen table. I also love the chalkboard signs and how you can dress up your caddy any way you see fit. Wouldn’t a coat of chalkboard paint or even some metallic spray paint look amazing?

Get more tips on everything home from EverydayHomeBlog.com!.

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6. Vertical Herb Garden

Not a lot of outdoor space for a garden? No problem! Whether you have a small backyard, or no garden to speak of, you can still get yourself a mighty fine herb garden by building a vertical planter. This cute diddy is made from cedar fence pickets and some hard work that will give your precious herbs a beautiful home.

This is no novice craft! Check out all the details at TheCraftPatchBlog.com.

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7. Pallet Herb Garden

Pallet crafts are still popular and seriously useful!, especially when it comes to quickly whipping up a stand for your herb garden. This project requires a little extra handy work to make the shelves for your potted herbs but the result is worth it. Paint in your favorite color and add some cute labels and you’re ready to garden!

Get all the steps on this project at PinkWhen.com!

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