Get Rid Of Sticky Sugar From A Waffle Maker With One Easy Step!

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I love waffles but I don’t love cleaning my waffle iron. Some ingredient always get trapped in between the iron and it’s hard to get out!  Turns out the cleaning a waffle iron isn’t tough at all! All you need is a microfiber cloth and a very hot water. Damp the microfiber cloth with hot water and let it rest on top of the waffle iron. Remember to use any soft cloth and avoid using abrasive ones, it might destroy the non-stick coating on your waffle iron. Let the cloth and hot water do the work and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to remove that sticky sugar on your waffle iron! Click the video below and watch how it’s done!

Keeping your waffle iron clean will ensure that you get tasty waffles every time. Now that you know this trick, there’s really no excuse for a dirty waffle iron! Have any of you tried this? Let us know!

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