Hey, Moms! Love Wine? Winc Wine Club Has Got You Covered!

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I think it goes without saying that most moms love wine. It’s this “mom juice” that relaxes us after a long day and helps us unwind. Whether you like to sip yours on the patio, in a luxurious bubble bath once the kids are asleep, or just chilling out watching your favorite shows on DVR, wine is the perfect way to relax for almost any occasion.

But what about when you’ve had a particularly long day, and you are too lazy or simply too tired to run to the store for a bottle of vino? Winc.com has got you covered!

Hundreds of thousands of wine lovers just like you and me have tried Winc and fallen in love with its mission: to make great wine accessible to you, all while being totally convenient.

About Winc Wines…

Winc was founded in 2012 by Xander Oxman and Geoff McFarlane because of a shared belief that wine should be more accessible: simpler to get and easier to enjoy. They joined forces with winemaker and sommelier Brian Smith to build a personalized wine club that has quickly grown into Winc—a California-based winery offering an online membership experience, with wines that are featured at select retailers and restaurants nationwide.

Moms have enough on their plate, and there’s something nice about someone else making recommendations for you at the end of the day. When you sign up with Winc, there’s a brief quiz to gain insight into your preferences and tastes, so that their wine connoisseurs can make suggestions for you based on your likes. It’s appropriately titled the “Palate Profile Quiz” — and you’ll quickly see why as you complete the fun 6-question quiz!

The booklets and Winc straws were certainly a nice touch when my order arrived!

For my order, I was pleasantly surprised once my lovely shipment arrived. I’d chosen all reds, as I’m a bubbly or red wine gal, and there was one bottle in particular that really wowed me and my palate. (It was the TNL if you’re wondering, so.good.)

Life is all about options, and so is Winc!

Shipments come equipped with FedEx tracking, and it’s important that someone age 21 is available for the delivery. Sorry, moms, wine can’t be left on your doorstep…or handed over to a toddler!

With Winc, there’s no firm contract or worry about being stuck with wine that you aren’t crazy about. Everything is clearly laid out for you on their website, and their main goal is for you, their valued customer, to love the wine that you’re drinking.

The Winc commitment to you:

I’ve tried a few different wine clubs, but Winc is hands down my preferred choice. Not only are the wines delicious, but the palate quiz certainly made a difference because my selections were enjoyed down to the last drop. We know that you will love Winc as much as we do. To get you started, we want to offer you $20 off your first order!

If you’re ready to see what Winc is all about, we have a special offer code just for our loyal LifeAsMama readers. To get started, all you have to do is visit trywinc.com/lifeasmama OR use lifeasmama at checkout through winc.com.

Really, it’s just that simple to have wonderful hand-picked wine just for you sent right to your front door.

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