5 Kitchen Conversion Charts For Novice Chefs

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Have you ever found a recipe you wanted to split in thirds, or one that’s made using an oven set to degrees in celsius? Trying to do the math while you’re in the throes of baking can be stressful and that’s why you need a set of handy conversion charts to help you divide and conquer. Keep reading and don’t forget to save and print!

conversion charts

Source: mom4real.com

1. Cutting Recipe In Half

Dividing 1 cup in half is a piece of cake, but what about splitting 1/3 of a cup into tablespoons? When you’re baking, you can’t afford to mis-measure for fear of ruining your entire recipe. A chart that helps depict how to cut measurements in half will always come in handy.

Find this printable and several others over at mom4real.com.

conversion charts

Source: TheCottageMarket.com

2. Temperatures & Measurements

European recipes often list ingredient sizes in milliliters and cooking in celsius degrees- things we don’t use in the U.S.! This Temperatures and Measurements chart make the transition to ounces and cups simple.

Head to TheCottageMarket.com to see 21 more amazing baking charts!

conversion charts

Source: SewliciousHomeDecor.com

3. Slow Cooker Conversions

Who doesn’t love the ease of a crock pot? You don’t have to only google “slow cooker recipes” anymore when you use this slow cooker conversion chart. Whip up your fave soups or chicken dishes and pop in the crock pot, instead of trying to throw together dinner after work. Such a great chart for meal planning and stress-free weeknights.

conversion charts

Source: PrintableParadise.com

4. Ounces to Pounds

I rarely look at recipe with ounces when I cook, but there’s always that one that sneaks up on you. When you need to double or triple a recipe, a chart like this Ounces to Pounds printable takes out the guesswork, stat.

Find every printable you can imagine at PrintableParadise.com!

conversion charts

Source: CookiesAndCups.com

5. Baking Pan Equivalents

Don’t you hate it when a recipe calls for a specific size pan, but you don’t have it? Who wants 100 baking pans, anyways? No need to buy another pan again when you use this super handy baking pan equivalent chart. It will give you the volume for the pan that the recipe calls for, and more importantly the other sizes pans you can use instead. GENIUS.



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5 Kitchen Conversion Charts For Novice Chefs


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