6 Cheap & Simple Freezer Organizing Tips

Freezer Organizing tips

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Whether you have a top freezer, drawer freezer or an entire freezer unit hanging out in the garage, this section of our homes tends to get cluttered and disorganized. When you’re in a hurry to find something for dinner or you need to store those meals you just spent lots of time preparing, a clean and organized freezer is a must. We’ve found some great freezer organizing tips to keep you neat and tidy!

Freezer Organizing Hacks

1. Clean Everything Out

Before you can organize, you really need to take a few minutes and purge your freezer. After all, it’s precious space and it shouldn’t be cluttered with expired and freezer burned food that’s past it’s “use by” date. Toss out half used veggies that have been open for months, old meat you never used and months old ice cream. You’ll immediately have tons more space to work with!

2. Take Everything Out of the Box

While buying boxes of popsicles is handy, it takes up tons of space in your freezer. Take individually wrapped items out of their boxes and store in bins that maximize your freezer better. It may seem silly to take something out of a box, only to put it in another but you are actually saving space because the new bin may be smaller or you may be able to store like items together.

Freezer Organizing Hacks

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3. Add Extra Shelving

Because most top freezers only come with one wire rack, that means there’s a lot of precarious stacking and shoving going on. Add extra shelving in the form of pantry shelves, magazine holders or stacking file trays to give more neat surface area. We’ve even seen people remove the standard rack all together to put as much of their own custom shelving in for maximum organization!

Freezer Organizing Hacks

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4. Use Clear (or See Thru) Bins  For Better Organization

Freezers are never designed for the average consumer, which means adding extra bins is necessary to keep things in order. Buy a bunch of bins (the more uniform, the better for a tidy look) and store similar items together. Frozen veggies and fruit, bagged freezer meals and ice cream can all easily be stored in basic bins for easy in and out grabbing.

Freezer Organizing Hacks

Source: TheKitchn.com

5. Freeze Meals Flat

When you have room in your freezer, that means you can bag leftovers or pre-planned meals flat in a storage bag. Once frozen, you can easily store upright in a bin for easy access and storage! The photo above shows how little space 8 soups take up when they are frozen flay and then stored vertically. Amazing!

6. Label Everything!

The same photo above shows the power of labeling. You don’t have to whip out a fancy label machine to have a tidy freezer. Whether you use dry erase markers to write on bins, make notes on ziplock bags or make pretty labels, the key is making sure your food is easily identifiable! Tip: make a clear note of the date so you know when to toss.



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6 Cheap & Simple Freezer Organizing Tips

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