8 Amazing Freezer And Refrigerator Hacks

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I’ll be honest, one of the things that I hate most in my home is my refrigerator. Well, it’s actually two items because I hate the freezer, as well. Keeping both of them organized and clean seems next to impossible. There’s just not enough shelves and cubbies to keep everything in their place. Luckily there are some wonderful hacks that will help keep both the refrigerator and freezer clean and organized and here are 8 of them.


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1. Lazy Susan Makes Reaching Things Easy

One of the most frustrating things about digging through your fridge is trying to get the food in the very back. You have to move everything in front of it to reach all the way back there and chances are you’ll knock down a bunch of stuff in the mean time creating a larger mess. Instead of dealing with all of that, place some lazy Susans on your shelves so that you can easily reach everything without having to move the items in the front.

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2. Cover Shelves With Press N Seal

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t absolutely hate cleaning out the refrigerator? It’s so frustrating cleaning up all the messes and spills that you don’t even know how they happened in the first place. To make those clean ups even easier, lay down some press n seal on the shelves so that you can easily take it off and throw it away. No wiping – just pull it off and throw it away! So much easier, if you ask me.

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3. Clip Bagged Items To The Shelf

Keeping items in the freezer can be a little frustrating. When you only use half the bag of frozen vegetables or fruit and they’re not resealable, how do you close them and keep them organized so your freezer stays nice? Use some bag clips to keep them closed, then clip them onto the bag through the freezer rack. It makes them easy to see, and leaves you with space below so you can organize items underneath them.

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4. Use Magazine Holders As Freezer Shelves

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to organize your freezer? There are just not enough shelves in there! To help resolve this problem, put some magazine holders in the freezer and lay them down. That way they will act as more shelf space for all your food items.

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5. Use An Egg Carton To Organize Condiments

Do you ever get tired of slapping those condiment bottles to get the actual sauce out of the bottle? Why not store them upside down so they’re always ready to squeeze out without slapping or hitting? You can put them upside down in the bottom of an egg carton so that they will stay upright. This way, they will also all stay together in one place.

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6. Use Basket To Organize Similar Items

Having food everywhere in a disorderly manner can not only get really ugly, but can be frustrating to sort through, as well. To help keep things a little more organized, buy some baskets from the dollar store and put similar items together in the baskets. For example, put salad dressings in one basket, dairy items in another, spreads, and other items all together.

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7. Use Matching Bottles For Condiments and Sauces

This hack may be a little much for some people, but for those of you out there that are a little OCD, you will love this. Buy some matching plastic bottles and empty all your condiment items in them so they will all mach and fit better on a shelf instead of different sized and shaped bottles that don’t fit together anywhere.

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8. Put Large Drink Items In Drink Dispensers

Ever get tired of pulling the milk carton or juice carton out of the refrigerator all the time? Instead of pulling it out all the time, place the drinks in a drink dispenser so you can fill up your cup without ever having to take the bottle out of the fridge. This would also make getting drinks easier for the kiddos, as well!

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