I don’t know about you, but my fridge is organized 1 minute and a disaster the next. As I start putting away new groceries, I approach my refrigerator with dread at what kind of science experience may have started without my permission. Sometimes I find myself at a loss for all my tupperware, only to realize that it already all holding leftovers in the dark recesses of the fridge. At my last office job, it was always the least favorite day of the week when it was our turn to clean out the community refrigerator and I’m guessing it’s not your idea of fun when you tackle yours at home. But fear not! There are tons of ways you can get ahead of your fridge and keep it spic n’ span. Check out this list of 15 great hacks on a clean refrigerator.


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1. Shelf Liners

Even though everything in your fridge usually has a lid on it, spills and food remnants still make their way onto the glass shelves with gusto. I had a friend whose son got into their fridge and somehow cracked an egg on the shelf and just left it. For days. I can’t imagine the effort it took to eventually shellac that off! Save yourself the trouble and lay down removable shelf liner or plastic placemats on top of your shelves. You can easily remove the mat to rinse off and not have to let all the cold air out of your fridge while cleaning. You can also add a great pop of color!

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