Must Watch! Do Your Kids Know What To Do If A Stranger Talks To Them?

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Every day over 700 children are abducted in America, and no parent wants their child to be one of them. There are many more dangers in our world then there were when we were growing up and it seems there are constantly things to worry about that could happen to our kids. One message that has stayed true since we were kids is “stranger danger” and the message not to talk to strangers. We may think we are doing a good job by constantly reminding our children to never talk to strangers on a daily basis, but kids are easily distracted by things such as offers of candy and offers of playing with pets. Watch this amazing video on just how easy it is for a stranger to connect with your kids, even with you sitting right in front of them!

CHILD ABDUCTION!! Must Watch.Save Your Child’s Life!!

Posted by on Monday, May 11, 2015

The look on those mom’s faces says it all! They are horrified that a stranger was able to gain their child’s trust in a matter of seconds, and all with the help of a dog. This is a constant reminder to always discuss the idea of strangers with your children, and to keep a close eye on them, no matter how old they are. Did this video resonate with you?

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