Top 5 Do’s & Don’ts For New Mom Hair

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The moment you have a baby, your whole world changes. Not only are you responsible for a little human being, but your priorities change instantly. One of the main things that falls by the wayside, especially for the first couple of weeks, are your beauty routines. You are sleep deprived, jiggly from baby weight, tired, lactating and a host of other things that cause you to put your makeup on the back burner- and there’s nothing wrong with that! You are also more emotional than you’ve ever been because of hormones and your love for your new child. Because you’re so emotional, it’s easy to make decisions in the heat of the moment that you may later regret when it comes to your appearance. Mainly, we’re talking about getting yourself your very own “mom ‘do.” You know the one- it’s short and usually “so easy to just wake up and go.” The mom hairdo is famous not because it’s awesome, but because it signals a woman’s passage from cute and stylish into boring and style-less. Check out our list of top do’s and don’ts for styling your hair as a new mom.




1. So You Want A Change? Go Easy.

It’s completely normal to want to change your hair. You did it before kids, so why would it be any different now? You are probably feeling like superwoman after birthing a child so it’s no wonder you’d like some new hair to go with your new super powers. Instead of making a drastic change, go easy. Cut long bangs that you can easily comb to the side or push back in to a pony tail. Do an all over color that’s just a shade lighter or darker than the one you have now. There’s plenty of time to gradually make a change, so why not wait until your hormones have calmed down before you tackle that pixie cut you’ve always wanted?


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2. Dry Shampoo Is Your Friend

Luckily research has proven over the years that it’s actually better for your hair if you don’t wash it everyday, to reduce oil production in your scalp and to prevent over drying of your locks. Not that you needed that excuse NOT to wash your hair every day, but now you may not have the opportunity. You don’t have to hide in your house under your oily mane, so long as you have a great dry shampoo. Using a dry shampoo will help absorb oils and make you presentable for the park, grocery store, play date or doctors appointment. This Dove dry shampoo is very inexpensive and was voted a top Dry Shampoo!


3. Wash The Night Before

Many new moms spend the entire day in their pajamas those first few weeks home. Rather than have to face the question “did you even shower today” from your husband when he comes home from work, get a step ahead by taking a shower at night. You will immediately feel fresher that night, as well as the whole next day. Another excuse that moms often have for not taking care of themselves is that they can’t put the baby down to shower during the day. Once your husband or partner comes home, you have no excuses. So take a few minutes for yourself and get showering!


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4. Use That Curling Iron

Even if you have curly hair already, a curling iron can make the worst hair look presentable. If you have limp hair because of hair loss (just wait until 3 months post partum comes around!) or flat hair because of your frequent napping, a curling iron can help. Put in a few curls at night and then sleep on them. The next morning just sweep into a pony tail or leave down, and do a light brush to create wave and body. Instant hair improvement!



5. Learn The Back Comb Ponytail

A pony tail can be your best friend, but they start to get old and boring if you wear them every day. That’s where the back comb pony tail comes in! This pony adds volume to your look, by taking a front section of your hair and dividing into sections. Take a comb with a brush and then comb it from end to scalp, creating volume. This will form the top portion of your pony tail, and will give it a fancier look. Check out for a tutorial!

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