Pop, Clink, Fizz! 7 New Year’s Eve Mocktails For Kids

New Year's Eve mocktails for kids

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New Year’s Eve changes drastically when you have kids, and most of us are pretty ok with that. We swap fancy dresses and staying up all night for pajamas and early bedtimes. It’s actually really fun to create new traditions with our kids, and the end of the year can be very special. If you’re looking to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your kiddos, why not make it extra fancy with some mocktails? We’ve found some really cute New Year’s Eve mocktails for kids that will have them celebrating in style.

New Year's Eve mocktails for kids

Source: StyleMePretty.com

1. Cookies & Milk

Let’s face it, kids just don’t have the same pallets we sophisticated adults do, so fancy fruit-infused drinks may not be their cup of tea. They want what they want- sugar and comfort food and that’s why these cookies and milk mocktails are GENIUS! Pour some milk into a champagne flute (I recommend plastic!) and top with a delicious cookie, or too. Whether you do an early ball drop, or let the kids stay up until midnight, they won’t say no to this mocktail!

Check out more photos from this wedding gallery where we found this amazing idea at StyleMePretty.com.

New Year's Eve mocktails for kids

Source: SimpleSouthernMom.com

2. Cinderella Mocktail

Four types of juice are combined with lemon lime soda in this fancy mocktail. While I’m pretty sure this recipe gets it’s name from the fact that Cinderella needed to be home by midnight, your kiddos should have no problem enjoying this mocktail and heading straight to bed while you stay up and ring in the new year.

See this recipe at SimpleSouthernMom.com, along with other amazing Southern dishes.

New Year's Eve mocktails for kids

Source: TheEveryDayMomLife.com

3. Candied Champagne

If your kids want to be just like mom and dad, this candied champagne mocktail will do the trick. All you need is sparkling grape juice (sparkling cider would be just as tasty, I’d imagine), and some colorful candy like gummy bears or sour patch kids. Add to the plastic champagne flute and toast the new year!

Check out 4 more cute mocktail recipes at heEveryDayMomLife.com.

New Year's Eve mocktails for kids

Source: Parenting.com

4. Chocolate Mock-Tini

If you’re going for a more dessert/drink combo, then you need to try this chocolate mock-tini. Made with mint chip ice cream, chocolate syrup, chocolate milk and ice, this mocktail is definitely best served early evening, with plenty of time for all that sugar to wear off before bedtime!

Check out tons of additional mocktail recipes at Parenting.com.

New Year's Eve mocktails for kids

Source: MakeAndTakes.com

5. Fancy Layered Drinks

For kids, it has to look as great as it tastes and these layered drinks are sure to catch their attention. Older kids will not only love drinking these mocktails, but helping to make them as well. Use three different types of juice, with varying levels of sugar. Drinks with more sugar tend to sink, creating layers of sweet and pretty goodness.

See some great suggestions on making these at MakeAndTakes.com.

New Year's Eve mocktails for kids

Source: EatingOnADime.com

6. Cotton Candy Drink

Cotton candy and raspberry ginger ale (which, I’ll be honest, I didn’t know existed) are the only two ingredients you need to make this pinkalicious mocktail! Add a cherry for that extra somethin’ somethin’ and sip away on this bubbly and alcohol-free cocktail.

We found this fun recipe at EatingOnADime.com.

New Year's Eve mocktails for kids

Source: CoolProgeny.com

7. Ginger Sour Hiccup

Lemon juice, grenadine, simple syrup and ginger ale are all it takes to whip up this kiddo mocktail. Top with maraschino cherries and serve in a festive glass and sip the whole night long. This mocktail looks so good, I’d be happy trading in my post-champagne headache for one of these treats.

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New Year's Eve mocktails for kids

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