Easy As Pie! Pie Pops That Will Change The Way You Eat Pie Forever

pie pops

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I consider myself usually in the know when it comes to desserts, because I really enjoy baking and I love chocolate even more. But today my mind.was.blown. Because I discovered “pie pops.” Move over cake pops, you’re old news apparently! The Pie Pop is the name of the game, and they’re perfect for parties, the holidays or even just for making sure you don’t sit down and devour an entire pie by yourself. Whether you love fruit or chocolate, these double-crusted pie pops are adorable and surprisingly easy to make.

pie pops

Source: Wilton.com

1. Cherry Pie Pops

Homemade crust make these cherry pie pops extra special, because the filling is made using a simple canned cherry filling. Topped with delectable sprinkles and baked til golden brown, these pie pops would be the perfect addition to your summer BBQ, don’t you think?

Check out Wilton.com for the recipe, and other amazing baking tools and creations.

pie pops

Source: OneLittleProject.com

2. Flower Shaped S’more Pie Pops

I’ve always loved the flavor combination of an ooey gooey S’more, but I really hate how messy they are to enjoy. The pie pop is the perfect solution! Melty chocolate and sticky marshmallows are perfectly contained by a browned and crispy crust and eaten off a pasty stick. No splinters from your camping stick, and all the goodness of this summer treat.

Check out OneLittleProject.com for the step by step instructions, and other pie pop recipes, too!

pie pops

Source: BakerByNature.com

3. Nutella & Cream Cheese Pie Pops

I’m pretty sure that Nutella makes everything more delicious and that’s especially true with this pie pop recipe. A mixture of the famous hazelnut spread and cream cheese are enveloped in a homemade crust and then baked to perfection. I can imagine these would taste extra delicious with a cup of hot coffee. Breakfast, anyone?

Get the full recipe from BakerByNature.com.

pie pops

Source: TheWickedNoodle.com

4. Bourbon Peach Pie Pops

BOURBON. This ain’t your garden variety pie pops, my friends, and we’re quite alright with that. Fresh peaches, sugar and the much needed bourbon come together in these tiny desserts that really aren’t just for adults since much of the alcohol (if not all) is burned off, still leaving you with a totally unique flavor that is worth of finger licking.

Head to TheWickedNoodle.com for this recipe and many more!

pie pops

Source: SugaryAndButtery.com

5. Popcorn Pie Pops with Salty Caramel

While definitely not the easiest pie pop on our list, there’s no doubt this would be the perfect movie night treat. Popcorn and salty caramel sauce are all combined inside a flaky and buttery, homemade crust. This treat will definitely be the highlight of the night!

Get this completely creative recipe from SugaryAndButtery.com.


pie pops

Source: LadyBehindTheCurtain.com

6. Cinnamon Roll Apple Pie Pops

The fall weather will never be the same after you’ve made these cinnamon roll apple pie pops! These are liteally two desserts in one! One half is pie crust and delicious apple pie filling. The top layer is a smashed cinnamon roll that is baked and then topped with frosting. Breakfast or dessert? I’d eat it for both!

Don’t miss this recipe from LadyBehindTheCurtain.com.


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pie pops

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