Preschool “Colorblind Prank” Proves That Kids Only See Love, Not Skin Color

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Kids are amazing for a number of reasons. Their candidness, the way they are naturally full of positivity, and most of all, the way they love with their pure little hearts. Recently in Kentucky, two preschoolers named Jax and Reddy got a bright idea: they would play a trick on their teachers by getting matching haircuts, this way when Monday came rolling around after the weekend. Their teacher wouldn’t be able to tell the two boys apart. The two are inseparable, and have been since the moment they met.

Naturally their parents loved the idea, and decided to fulfill their wishes. Off to Great Clips they went for matching haircuts. But first, Jax’s mother loved the idea so much–and for what it meant to her–that she shared this amazing little idea on Facebook. Little did she know, this beautiful message served as a sign of unity, kindness and acceptance for so many people all across the world:

Watch this sweet video, and we dare you not to smile… or even shed a tear.

A boy who turns 5 this week is spreading love and acceptance around the world.

Share this beautiful little story with other mothers out there who know that love and kindness to all is something that makes the world a better place.


Sharing is caring!

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