7 Reasons Why You Should Take Maternity Photos

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The arrival of your sweet bundle is right around the corner, and you might be feeling larger than life. Depending on how you feel it might be swaying your decision on whether to take maternity photos or not. Perhaps you don’t feel elegant or glamorous carrying around a watermelon, or maybe you just aren’t sure on whether a professional photo shoot fits into your budget at the moment. While these are thoughts to consider, there are so many good reasons to capture this exciting time that put to rest any fears you might have.


1. Celebrate Your Pregnancy

If you aren’t feeling great during your pregnancy, particularly in the latter months, it can be tempting to avoid documenting that time. It’s often hard to see photos of your body looking so different, even more so to share them with others, particularly if unwanted weight gain has been an issue. Focusing on the beauty of what your body is creating during this slightly alarming time of expansion helps to not feel so overwhelmed by the bulging and stretching. As women we often feel a huge amount of pressure to look good regardless of the circumstances so it can be easy to lose sight of the miracle taking place. Taking time out to capture this exciting time helps to remember not to sweat the couple of extra pounds here and there and enjoy the ride.

2. Precious Memories

As mothers we don’t typically take pictures of ourselves and get used to our loved ones being the subjects of our photos, so posing alone can feel uncomfortable. However, most of us only experience pregnancy a handful of times so it’s worth celebrating and capturing those fleeting moments. One day when our kiddos are grown we will look back fondly and thank our body for growing and nurturing their sweet souls.

3. Worth The Cost

As mothers it can also be hard to spend money on ourselves, particularly when living on a tight budget. Maternity photos can appear to be an overly expensive luxury. But there are always talented budding photographers out there that are looking to build their portfolio or gain experience to help keep the cost down. Often you can get some really great pictures taken for a decent price by asking around and reaching out to friends or family.

4. Family Photos

Whether it is just the two of you, and bump, or if you have older siblings to join in on the fun, I’m a firm believer that you cannot  have too many photos of your family. Plus, if you already have kiddos it’s a beautiful opportunity for them to bond and interact with your belly, all while being captured by your talented photographer.

5. Fun Way To Reveal Gender Or Name

You may have been holding onto the exciting news of the gender of your baby is, or what special name you have picked out for them. A maternity session is a fun time to share that news with the rest of the world. With so many ideas on Pinterest you could pick any cute idea to include in your shoot for the big reveal.

6. It Doesn’t Have To Feel “Posed”

Lifestyle photography is on the rise and stiff poses and forced smiles are quickly fading. If you don’t feel like getting all dressed up and heading out, why not invite your photographer to your home to capture your growing family in your everyday setting. Some of my absolute favorite maternity sessions are taken at home. It’s such a sweet and intimate way to remember the last few weeks before your family grows by an extra bundle of sweetness.

7. You Don’t Have To Wait Until The Last Minute

Some women just don’t feel sexy juggling a large bump toward the end, but no one ever said you have to wait until you are full term to take your maternity photos. If you’re feeling good and want to capture the moment in your pregnancy when you truly feel like you are “glowing,” then go right ahead! These are for your memories alone. What matters is that you get to look back on this special time and remember when you were growing your sweet baby love.

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