10 Sheet Pan Desserts That Are Perfect For A Crowd

sheet pan desserts

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I am a self-proclaimed dessert lover. Brownies, pie, cookies- I love them all. The worst part about dessert, is when it’s gone and that’s why I’m always trying to figure out how to make it last. I love the idea of sheet pan desserts because they make large qualities, with the same amount of work of making a small batch! If you have a large family gathering, church group to bring dessert to, or are feeding a small army, you need to check out these dessert ideas!

sheet pan desserts

Source: TheBakingChocolatess.com

1. Sheet Pan Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Huge crowd coming over? Or maybe you just REALLY like chocolate chip cookies? This recipe is all you. Thick, chewy, chocolatey and gooey, you can’t go wrong with a large batch of these chocolate chip cookie bars if you have a family gathering, need to bring dessert for the class, or are feeding your basketball team. Eat as is, or cut up and serve with some vanilla bean ice cream. I think I’ll be making these this weekend!

Snag this recipe and other tasty chocolate treats at TheBakingChocolatess.com.

sheet pan desserts

Source: MostlyHomemadeMom.com

2. Sheet Pan Cherry Pie Bars

Who needs a pie pan when you can make sheet pan pie!? Probably the best part about this recipe is you don’t have to slave away over a pie crust, but still get that sweet and delicious pie taste. Cherry filling, crusty topping and delicious vanilla sweetness- all rolled up (or rolled out) in a sheet pan. Wouldn’t this be great for a holiday get together?

Check out more almost completely homemade ideas at MostlyHomemadeMom.com.

sheet pan desserts

Source: JensFavoriteCookies.com

3. Brownies

I know, you’re probably thinking, it’s super easy to make brownies already! But how many boxes does it take to feed a large crowd? More than 1 I can assure you. These sheet pan brownies are delicious and ain’t your boxed version, and that’s because they have a NUTELLA frosting. Do you need any more convincing? Next time you’re bringing dessert to the family dinner, bring these sheet pan brownies instead.

Grab this recipe and other ideas for feeding a crowd at JensFavoriteCookies.com.

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