7 Thanksgiving Games To Keep The Kids Busy While You Cook

Thanksgiving games

Thanksgiving is the official start to the holiday season, and it conjures up images of family, friends and food. While I personally really enjoy cooking, it’s definitely more stressful during the holidays because you’re cooking more often, for more people and with more little ones and distractions underfoot. This year, I want my time in the kitchen to be fun, not frustrating so that’s why I found a bunch of games which will be perfect come Thanksgiving. They will keep kids (and guests!) happy, while I can get down to business in the kitchen. Check out this list of fun Thanksgiving games to keep everyone busy and having fun.

Thanksgiving games

Source: KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com

1. Stuff The Turkey

This brown bag molded into the shape of a turkey couldn’t get any cuter, and the game is pretty darn simple too. A large brown bag, two brown lunch bags and some tissue paper is pretty much all you need to entertain your kids for hours. Once your turkey is assembled, it’s simply a game of tossing tissue paper balls into the turkey! Good luck keeping the adults away from this super fun game.

Get all the steps for creating your own paper turkey, and other amazing fun things for kids to do at KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com.

Thanksgiving games

Source: AGirlAndAGlueGun.com

2. Shooting Turkeys

Balloons and nerf guns? Seems like a match made in heaven to me, and I’m sure your kids will agree. Use helium-filled balloons that are tied down with a rock, draw a turkey with various points on them, and then let the kids shoot away! I can see this becoming a rousing game while you cook Thanksgiving dinner, don’t you?

We found this fun game at AGirlAndAGlueGun.com, along with tons of more amazing crafts and DIYs.

Thanksgiving games

Source: TheInspiredTreehouse.com

3. Turkey Baster Relay

Bust out turkey baster because this game is a must for family get together’s this Thanksgiving! All you need are a few feather’s and basters (think: Dollar Tree!) to get the fun rolling. Find a nice, big flat surface and establish a starting and finish line. Show the kiddos how to squeeze the baster so that the air is directed at the feather and how to move it across your play area. Enjoy!

Check out more gross-motor function games from TheInspiredTreehouse.com.

Thanksgiving games

Source: TeachBesidesMe.com

4. The Gratitude Game

There’s no time like Thanksgiving to incorporate a lesson into your fun, and this gratitude game is perfect. This is basically a game of Pick Up Sticks, but each time you pick up a stick, you say something you are grateful for! I love how this game gets everyone thinking, and about the things that really matter.

Check out how to make this game yourself at TeachBesidesMe.com.

Thanksgiving games

Source: TheSeasonedMom.com

5. Turkey Bowling

Could these plastic cup turkeys be ANY cuter? They are simple and only involve minimal creativity, but give hours of enjoyment for the kiddos. Stack the cups then use a small pumpkin or a ball and have the kids bowl for turkeys! Such a simple idea that perfect for Thanksgiving while you’re waiting for the turkey to finish cooking!

Check out TheSeasonedMom.com for this game, but also tons of tasty recipes ideas that are perfect for family.

Thanksgiving games

Source: TheDatingDivas.com

6. Turkey Hunt

Get the kids outside (and out of your kitchen!) with this simple and fun Turkey Hunt game! Print out turkeys and card (get everything free at TheDatingDivas.com!), and then hide the turkeys all over your house or yard. Send the kiddos out for some searching and enjoy the fun!

Thanksgiving games

Source: SmallStuffCounts.com

7. Thanksgiving Mad Libs

Get your chuckle on with a good ole game of Mad Libs. No one is too young to enjoy the hysteria that almost always comes as a result of a ill-placed words. This Thanksgiving version is FREE for you to download at SmallStuffCounts.com, so head over and get ready for a few good laughs!


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Thanksgiving games

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