Halloween is often thought of as the ultimate holiday for kids. And why not? Lots of fun dressing up, being outside until after dark, and all that candy! But just as many adults love this one day of the year as well, taking the opportunity to dress up in costume and have a good old party. If you love Halloween, then you need to try these Halloween cocktails for your next party. Just be sure to keep the kids away from the drink table- these are not kid-friendly!

halloween cocktails

Source: CravingsOfALunatic.com

1. Walker Blood Sangria

Whether you’re hosting a Walking Dead party or a Halloween party, these walker blood sangrias need to be featured on your drink table. Made with merlot, Cointreau and pomegranate juice, their color gives off that perfect vibe for a spooky party. They’re easy to make ahead of time, so you won’t be stressed putting the final touches on your Halloween costume. Bottoms up!

Check out CravingsOfALunatic.com for more ideas on hosting a creepy, festive party!

halloween cocktails

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2. Black Widow Cocktail

It’s all about that creepy look in this cocktail that’s made up of blackberry juice, simple syrup and vodka. The blackberry garnish gives it that extra scary feel as your guests guzzle this delicious drink. It’s delicious… or is it?

Check out Evermine.com for the entire recipe and other ideas on creating the ultimate hauntingly terrific Halloween party.

halloween cocktails

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3. Vampire’s Kiss Cocktail

This traditional Spanish cocktail which is made up of inexpensive wine and cola is made super spooky by adding some dry ice and a few strips of gold leaf. No one can deny how perfectly scary this adult drink is for your next party. Be sure to keep the kids away!

Get the full recipe from WanderSpice.com.

halloween cocktails

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4. Poisoned Apple Cocktail

Sometimes, it’s all about the presentation and that’s especially true with this Poisoned Apple Cocktail. Whether you serve it from a beaker or served with a slice of apple in a martini glass, your guests will love the electric green of this seasonal cocktail. It’s made with just a few ingredients, and is the perfect drink for your friends who prefer sweet liquor-based cocktails.

CookingWithCurls.com has this recipe and a few other drinks that are perfect for your upcoming Halloween party!

halloween cocktails

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5. Black Magic

If you’ve ever wanted to try a drink with glitter, now’s your chance. This midnight colored drink is a spin on a cherry martini, and no less delicious because of it’s mysterious color. The black vodka gives this unique drink it’s hue, while the cherry and orange juice kick up the flavor. Toss in some pearl dust to get the signature glitter and your evil looking drink is good to go!

Find more boozy recipes and other lifestyle adventures at ElleTalk.com.

halloween cocktails

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6. Candy Corn Jello Shots

What’s a party without jello shots? An adult part that’s what. But if you want to relive your glory college days that involved various colorful shots of jello, you’ll probably want to give this recipe a try. Combine vodka with lemon and orange jello, allowing each layer to set up separately. Top with cool whip and of course, candy corn!

Check out HoosierHomemade.com for the full recipe and other candy corn-inspired treats.

halloween cocktails

Source: Sharie’s Berries

7. Haunted Highball

Make no mistake, this isn’t your glass of milk! This haunted highball boasts 4 (FOUR) types of liquor: vanilla vodka, creme de cacao, hazelnut liqueur, and white chocolate liqueur. Combine with half and half, then pour over ice cubes. Don’t forget to enjoy this in a ghostly highball and probably a plate full of cookies.

Check out more festive party ideas at Sharie’s Berries.

halloween cocktails

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8.  Black Devil Martini

Dark rum, vermouth and lime? Sign me up for this deliciously dark Black Devil Martini. Every good party needs a nice martini, and this mysterious mixed drink will be the focal point of your drink table. Don’t forget the colored sugar to rim your glass!

Check out more modern ways to think about food at HapaNom.com.


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halloween cocktails

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