If you’ve searched for any type of recipe this year on Pinterest, you’ve probably come across a few jackfruit meals. The jackfruit has risen to the top as a pork substitute, is the largest tree fruit in the world, is high in vitamin C and improves digestion. It can be used in soups and ground into flour and overall is supposed to be THE food of the year. If you’d like to give this interesting food a try, keep reading for some amazing jackfruit recipes.

jackfruit recipes

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1. Jackfruit Pulled Pork

Whether you avoid meat because you don’t like the taste, have ethical concerns about animals, or just want to fill your diet with other foods, you still may miss eating delicious meats like pulled pork from time to time. And would you believe the photo above is actually NOT pulled pork, but pulled jackfruit instead? Canned pulled pork is mixed together with onions and a homemade sauce that will fool anyone into thinking this is actually the real deal. The best part? It only takes 45 minutes, instead of the usual slow roast of traditional pork.

Snag this recipe and many other savory treats at PrettyPracticalPantry.com.

jackfruit recipes

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2. Vegan Nachos with BBQ Jackfruit

It’s easy to skip the meat and sometimes still feel hungry, and that’s where BBQ jackfruit can save the day. Instead of just feasting on chips and veggies, add in some simmered jackfruit that will fill you up and is a healthier option than meat. Top with homemade vegan nacho cheese top and enjoy!

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jackfruit recipes

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3. Vegan Teriyaki Jackfruit

The jackfruit, when rinsed, has a very neutral taste that easily mimics what it’s seasoned with. For this meal, chunks of brined jackfruit are cooked until cripsy, then tossed with a homemade teriyaki sauce that is left to thicken into a rick marinade. Serve with rice, spinach and carrots.

You’ll find tons of amazing vegan recipes over at TheVegLife.com.

jackfruit recipes

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4. Vegan Jackfruit Pot Pie

Everybody needs some comfort food now and then, and nothing comes to the rescue more than a pot pie. You don’t have to miss out on this American favorite just because you avoid meat. Potatoes, carrots, peas and jackfruit all come together in a creamy sauce, that’s surrounded by flaky and delicious pastry dough. Bake, enjoy and you’ll hardly miss the chicken (if you even notice at all!).

Learn more about living the vegan life and incorporating delicious meals at SoyDivisionBlog.com.

jackfruit recipes

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5. Pulled Jackfruit Wrap

BBQ, pulled jackfruit is combined with tasty garlic, sunflower seed dressing and piled on top of fluffy warm wheat tortillas in this totally delicious looking meal. I can see this being perfect for a hot summer night, or a great way to meal prep and bring to work for lunch.

Learn how to live the vegan lifestyle, and eat well while doing it, at ElephantasticVegan.com.

jackfruit recipes

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6. Jackfruit Tortilla Soup

Soup is good for chilly nights and when you’re feeling under the weather. When you want to feel warm from the inside out, try out this jackfruit tortilla soup. It’s made with onion, green chili, tomatoes, jackfruit and topped with crispy tortilla strips and savory cilantro.

Living-Vegan.com has this recipe and other amazing ideas for living vegan.

jackfruit recipes

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7. Almond Butter Jackfruit Potstickers

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a meat eater, but these Almond Butter Jackfruit Potstickers look DIVINE. Onions, garlic, ginger and lots of jackfruit are covered in a tasty almond butter sauce, then sealed into potsticker wrappers and fried. I dare anyone to not LOVE these!

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jackfruit recipes

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8. Jackfruit Curry

If you love Eastern inspired food, you probably enjoy a good curry dish now and then. This Thai curry recipe packs tons of flavor, and will make your house smell even better. Coconut milk, red curry paste, garlic, ginger, kumquats, purple potatoes- the list goes on for all that goes into this dish.

Learn more about juices, vegan cooking and healthy remedies from HealthierSteps.com.


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jackfruit recipes

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