10 Super Cute Maternity Costumes For This Halloween

maternity costumes

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You only get a few chances in your life time to wear a maternity costume for Halloween, so why not make it super cute? Whether you and your partner go for a family costume, or you do it stand-alone, there are plenty of cute and funny options to celebrate your pregnancy. We’ve rounded up some simple ways to dress your bump this Halloween.

maternity halloween costumes

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1. Gumball Machine

Highlight your growing bump by turning yourself into a gumball machine! This is a super easy costumer that is also pretty comfy- a must when you’re pregnant. All you need is a red skirt, white T-shirt and a punch of pom poms and glue. A red wig really tops off this costume!

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maternity costumes

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2. Avocado (or Chips & Guac)

Your belly is definitely part of the action in this costume.  Pull on a brown shirt, cut large piece of cardboard into the shape of an avocado (don’t forget to cut a hole for your belly, aka the avocado pit!), paint two shades of green and then grab some chips!

Check out GoodHousekeeping.com for 21 more hilarious pregnancy costume ideas.


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3. Winnie The Pooh

The beloved Pooh Bear is known for his round tummy and love of honey. And since you’re pregnant, you’ll have no problem incorporating your own belly to get the full Winnie look. Some strategically placed orange and red shirts are all you need to carry of this Hundred Acre Wood style.

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