The Ultimate List Of Show & Tell Ideas For Preschoolers

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This last year, my only daughter started preschool. We were both excited. New friends, new school clothes, new schedule- what could be better? As it turns out, when your kids start school, they aren’t the only ones that take on additional work. Signups to take home the class bird/mouse/whatever, making the monthly play dough and teacher gifts for every occasion quickly start to amass. Perhaps the most loathsome preschool activity is Share Time. Usually, we end up making a mad dash around the house trying to find an item that goes with the week’s highlight letter. And this morning took the cake, because the letter was U. U!!! So I decided enough is enough. I’m going to come up with a list of alphabetical share items in hopes I help some poor, exhausted mom who can barely remember to drink her entire cup of coffee, much less come up with a suitable share item for the world’s worst letter. I hope this helps a mom in need!


Apple, artwork, Ariel (the mermaid), acorn, airplane, avocado, album, Anna, arrow, astronaut, apron, Applejack (My Little Pony)


Blocks, board game, badge, bubbles, bracelet, blanket, beads, basket, beans, bank, Bible, boat, bath toys, Bubble Guppies, baseball items, bunny, Batman, bear, brush, blue, black or brown ANYTHING, Barbie, bag, ball (basket/tennis/foot/base/golf), book (*Bonus Share- Bring a book that starts with a letter other than “B” to go with another letter! i.e. “Green Eggs & Ham” for G day!)


Cap, circle, cereal, can, cupcake, camera, crayon, carrot, cage, Cinderella, castle, calendar, coloring book, CD, cleats, C3PO, Calico Critters, card, cat, chess, checkers, colored pencils, cookie cutters, Christmas items


Doll, Duplo blocks, Darth Vader, dollar, dime, Disney ANYTHING, daisy, dog, Daniel the Tiger, diary, DVD, Dodgers ANYTHING


Elena of Avalor figurine, elephant, Elsa, envelope, Eeyore, Easter items, eggs, earrings, earmuffs


Flowers, fruit, flute, Frozen figurines, feather, fairy, football, family photos, flag, firetruck, fork, fish, Fluttershy


Game, green ANYTHING, glasses, geodes, gold, glitter, gloves


Hippo, heart, horse, house, Halloween items, Hot Wheels, hat (*Bonus Share- Bring your favorite sports themed hat to match another letter for that week i.e. A Dodger hat for D day)


Ice, ice cream (probably toy would be best here, not real ice cream!), instrument


Jake & the Neverland Pirates figurines, jelly beans, jelly, jersey, journal, Judy Hops from Zootopia


Kangaroo, keyboard, kite, keys


Lite Brite, leaf, Legos, Lil Woodzeez. lion, lace


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