Top 6 Exercises To Help You Recover After A C-Section

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The number of C-sections is increasing across the world, which isn’t a good thing according to experts. This particular type of delivery is necessary in some cases, but when used without a valid medical cause it is not a risk that should be taken. The recovery after the procedure can be lengthy and wrought with complications, so it is essential that you let your body recuperate before beginning ab-tightening exercises to get rid of mom pouch. Prepare yourself for such exertions with some gentle exercising which will strengthen the weakened parts of your body.

Belly Breathing

Belly breathing is an exercise you can start doing immediately after your return home from the hospital. This will help not only with the recovery of your abdominal muscles but also with pain and stress relief.


To perform this most basic breathing exercise, lie down on your back and make yourself comfortable. Then place your hands on your belly and breathe in through your nose. You will need to take a deep breath to feel your belly expanding under your hands. Next, exhale slowly through your mouth and gently pull your bellybutton in. Hold the position for about three seconds before taking another breath and repeating the exercise 5-10 times. Do this exercise several times a day to both prepare your muscles for walking and to relax afterwards.

Seated Kegels

You should be familiar with Kegel exercises already as practicing them is highly beneficial during pregnancy. Seated Kegel exercises are safe and efficient and should be performed to restore the strength of your pelvic floor. Note that if you have a urinary catheter after the C-section, you can only do Kegels once it has been removed. At this point, they will also help you recuperate after the invasion of a catheter.

Do your Kegels twice daily, once in the morning and again before going to bed.


As soon as you can walk, you should do so with the intention of getting your muscles working again. This won’t be easy due to the major trauma inflicted upon many of the muscles involved in the walking process, so do not risk long walks outdoors at first.


However, if you are a mother who wants to shed her baby weight fast, you should already have a treadmill installed at home as it’s an essential tool for rapid post-pregnancy weight loss. In fact, you’ll need a few other fitness machines to provide you a proper workout at home, but these should wait for six to eight weeks after the C-section. A treadmill, on the other hand, is a piece of equipment you should start using right away. It will allow you to take extended walks without the risk of being stranded in the middle of the street should you quickly become tired. Avoid using it for running until you receive clearance from your doctor, and even then proceed with caution.

Wall Sits

Stand about 1-2 feet away from the wall with your back turned to it. Then, carefully lean on the wall and slide down until you achieve a sitting position (only with air instead of a chair). You can use something to hold onto at first to avoid falling.

Hold this position for a few seconds before carefully straightening again. Do not rush, but instead make your movements precise and controlled. This exercise is excellent because it will engage a variety of different muscles. You should rest between repetitions and don’t try to push for more than five.

Glute Bridges

Lie down on your back with your knees bent and feet firmly planted on the floor. Then, lift your butt off the mat engaging your glute muscles. This is a great exercise for core recovery and strengthening.


Note that you shouldn’t try to perform this exercise for at least six weeks post the C-section. When you do start, listen to your body carefully and don’t overdo it. Move gently and lower yourself to the mat one vertebra at a time.


Once you are ready to return to strength training after your C-section (six to eight weeks if the recovery goes without complications) you should start with body weight exercises. This means that plank and its many variations will be your main go-to exercise for at least a couple of weeks.

Start slow with a partial plank during which you rest on your knees. Side-planks are extremely efficient for C-section recovery in particular. Note that you should stop immediately if you feel any sharp pain or develop bleeding. Your initial body weight exercises must be very low intensity.

For more tips on how to recover from a C-section, click here. Be sure to heed the advice about taking it easy as overexerting yourself before you heal properly can cause permanent damage to your body.

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