Watch This Great Idea For A Twin Gender Reveal!

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If you’re pregnant and google “gender reveal” you will be faced with hundred of options. And if you’re pregnant for the 2nd, 3rd, or more time, the idea of doing a gender reveal may have lost it’s luster. The parents in this video decided to video tape their gender reveal with the help of their young children. So they placed two wrapped boxes with colored balloons inside in front of their kids and asked them to open. When they did, blue or pink balloons came out to reveal the gender of their upcoming twin siblings! Click the video below to see if they will be having boys or girls!

This is  an absolutely adorable idea and it’s so nice they chose to involve their children. I’m sure young Savy doesn’t quite grasp what it will be like to have 3 brothers, but I’m sure they will take care of her! Did you do a creative gender reveal? We’d love to hear the story so tell us below in our comments!

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