Watch Your Child’s Imagination Run Wild When You Make These Fairy Glow Jars

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One of the greatest things about being a kid are the endless possibilities of the imagination. It amazes me to watch my son play and see the things that he turns into cars, trains, or some sort of “roaring” animal. A great way to let a child’s imagination run wild is to give them something intricate to look at where they can stare and look for hours coming up with new ways to make it fun, like these DIY fairy glow jars. Let your child see and play with them at night when the lights are out. Chances are they’ll come up with space stories, fairy stories, and even firefly stories. It’ll be fun to watch their eyes light up with excitement as they look at these cool jars and it’ll provide lots of entertainment for them. See how to make them in this video.

I’m not even a kid and I really want to make one of these. They look so cool and interesting and I know would be a major hit for my son. They’re so easy to make and they’ll last for a very long time, which is always a plus in my book!

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Mary Mulroney

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