No one can deny the courage of premature babies, who often fight by the minute to stay alive. Born well before their due date, preemies battle basic functions just to survive such as simply learning to breathe. For those that survive, parents reflect on their time in the NICU with gratitude for their doctors and nurses, but with a hope that they never have to return. These premature babies turn in to toddlers and eventually adolescents, with hardly a resemblance to the tiny newborns they once were. Red Methot, a Quebec area photographer decided to capture the journey of some premature babies by posing the now healthy and thriving children with photos of their time in the NICU. You will be utterly moved by how far these fighting and courageous babies have come!

1. Margot, 29 weeks


2. Andréanne, 32 weeks and 26 weeks pregnant in this photo


3. Zachary, 27 weeks



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