Unicorns are super popular these days. From foods, to crafts, to entire party themes, the glittery, sparkly beings are almost impossible to miss. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing. Who doesn’t love a good unicorn? While they don’t frolic around magical forests, the unicorns on this list are just as cool and mystical as they’ve always been!

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1. Unicorn Finger Puppets

These adorable little unicorn finger puppets make playing pretend even more fun than it already is. Made using card stock and multi-colored yarn, this adorable craft is surprisingly easy to put together and super fun to play with.

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2. Unicorn Poop Slime

This craft is about as silly as it gets, and not to mention adorable! The kids will get a major kick out of the cute name and have tons of fun making and playing with the actual slime. The best part? It only requires four simple ingredients to make!

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3. Paper Plate Unicorn

When it comes to kids crafts, paper plates provide an amazing starting point and this project is no different. With the addition of construction paper, yarn, and googly eyes this unicorn is just as easy to make as it is fun to play with.

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4. Popsicle Stick Unicorn

This popsicle stick unicorn craft is a great way for the kids to spend a little time being creating and making their own magic. While they may require a little bit of help to fully complete it, the craft is super simple and almost too cute to stand!

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Source: iheartcraftythings.com

5. Paper Bag Unicorn

Much like the finger puppets above, this paper bag unicorn craft is great for playing with. This cute craft may be simple but it is just as magical and colorful as the “real’ thing.

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6. Unicorn Sculpey Necklace

Part fun craft, part cool accessory, your little ones will never want to take this unicorn necklace off. This craft does require some work with a polymer clay Sculpey, but after some initial prep, the kids can decorate as they see fit.

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