Let’s talk about the “V” word. No, not that one. I’m talking about Valentine’s Day. The day when couples all around the globe frantically try to get as romantic and creative as possible to show their mates how much they love them. As moms, we become more interested in loving on our babies instead of our men. But our babies benefit when we love on our men! It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture or a gift that costs more than your mortgage. But getting your mister a little something for Valentine’s Day is a great way to show him you care while reigniting the flame in your relationship.

Keep your man’s interests and personality in mind when choosing his gift, so you can give him something he’ll truly love receiving. If you need a few creative gift ideas, here are some we think are Valentine-tastic!

1. Sexy Photos

Ever dreamed of being a Victoria’s Secret model? Your dream is about to come true! Well, if you want it to. We know that men are visually stimulated by women, and that sex is always at the forefront of their minds. What better way to remind your man how lucky he is to have you in his life than by taking some sexy photos of yourself for his viewing pleasure?

Whether you hire a professional boudoir photographer or set up a photo shoot using your own camera, your man will probably have no problem checking out the eye candy that is his beautiful wife. Make your photos as erotic or playful as you want, and let your personality shine. Maybe you could even let your husband take the photos, if that’s something he would enjoy.


source: Jack Spade

2. Bartending Glasses

Does your man wish he was a professional bartender? Is he always trying to mix up delicious drinks, but just can’t quite master the recipes? These bartending glasses from Jack Spade are seriously cool! Your guy can easily measure out the ingredients needed using the handy markings on the glasses. Once he gets the hang of each drink’s mix, he won’t even have to look at the glass for the breakdown. If your hubby could use a little stroking of the ego, these glasses will definitely give him a boost of confidence!

3. Subscription Box

There are tons of monthly subscription boxes out there, and most men probably don’t know that many are made just for them. Whether it’s a food related box, grooming products, fashion finds or tech items, a man who likes getting gifts will not be disappointed by receiving a monthly box in the mail. Most subscription boxes offer options, like 1 month, 3 months or 6 months, so you can give your man as much or as little as you want. You never know- he just might enjoy the subscription so much, that he renews it. And if he does, that means you’re the #bestwifeever!

source: Macy’s

4. Beard Oil

In the last few years, men have grown to love beard grooming products. My husband just received a beard oil kit for Christmas, and he really enjoys it. Some men are all about “no shave November,” and some like to keep themselves scruffy all year. Whatever your man’s poison, giving him the gift of a soft and silky beard will make him look even more handsome, and his kisses be kinder to your delicate skin when his beard rubs on your face.

Macy’s sells a Jack Black Beard Oil that is reasonably priced and easy to use.

5. His Favorite Meal

If your husband is anything like mine, there are two things guaranteed to get his attention: sex, and a good meal. He doesn’t complain much about what happens in our bedroom, but I’m definitely not top notch material in the cooking department. However, there are a couple of meals I make that he loves, and I try to cook them as often as possible without him getting sick of eating them. If your dude has a meal that he just can’t get enough of, it would be a really nice gift to make it for Valentine’s Day dinner. But maybe you could make it twice that week, to make him feel extra special!

source: Amazon

6. Scratch Off Map

For men who like to travel, there’s a totally awesome scratch off map that keeps track of all the places they’ve been. Once they visit a spot, they can scratch off the top layer to reveal a colorful marking of the destination. This would be a fun gift for couples who enjoy road trips or for men who do a lot of traveling for business. Your man could display this in his office at work or home, or even hang it on the wall and frame it to show off his worldly experience.

source: FTD Fresh

7. Love Coupons

Shower your man with a coupon book that he can enjoy for more than one day! Whether he wants a back rub, a car wash, or breakfast in bed, you can put together a little booklet that allows him to choose which coupon to use on which day. Include the ones you think he’d like, and add your own too! Who knows, maybe he’ll like the idea so much, he’ll gift you with a coupon book on Mother’s Day!

You can download and print the coupons from FTD Fresh.


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