If you came over to my house for a visit, you might think I lived in Jurassic Park. When my little guy watches television, he almost always chooses a dinosaur show. When he isn’t watching television, he’s playing with his toy dinosaurs, or pretending that he is one. His younger sister has recently started copying him whenever he lets out a loud “rawr!” So, it’s safe to say that my kids are a little dino obsessed.

If you’ve got some prehistoric creature lovers living under your roof, you’ve got to check these dinosaur projects out!

source: The Craft Train

1. Sparkly Paper Plates

I know that doing projects with glitter can be messy, but this one is so fun! For dino loving girls who are all about the sparkles, this craft is one you’ve got to do. There are printables available for different types of dinosaurs, and all you need are paper plates, glue, glitter and googly eyes.

Get the full instructions over at The Craft Train.


source: Sunshine Whispers

2. Toilet Paper Roll Puppet

Put an empty toilet paper roll to use by making a cool dinosaur puppet. This project has two parts, and you’ll need a lot of supplies, but it looks really awesome when it’s done, and your dinosaur fanatic kids will be excited about working on this.

Head over to Sunshine Whispers for the full materials list and tutorial.

source: Still Playing School

3. Egg Carton & Cupcake Liners

Next time you finish baking a treat, and you’ve got extra cupcake liners and an empty egg carton, you can round up the kids and make these cute triceratops. Paint the egg carton pieces and attach the cupcake liners and pipe cleaner. Add googly eyes for the final touch, and you’ve got an adorable little dino to play with.

You can find all the information for this at Still Playing School.

Source: Glued To My Crafts

4. Popsicle Sticks

Need a good rainy day project? Break out those craft supplies and make a popsicle stick dinosaur. You’ll need card stock, green craft paint, a black marker and glue. This craft is also great for working on shapes with tiny tots who are still learning.

Stop by Glued To My Crafts for the full 4-1-1 on this project.

source: Lalymom

5. Baseball Cap

For kids who enjoy wearing baseball caps, this project is sure to be a home run! You’ll need a blank cap to start with, and then you just add embellishments using felt to create a cute dinosaur. My son would absolutely love this hat and ask to wear it all the time!

Check out the full tutorial over on Lalymom.

source: Creekside Learning

6. Cereal Box Feet

How much fun would it be for your kids to stomp around with their own set of dinosaur feet? So much fun! All you need is a cereal box and colored tape. Adhere some velcro dots to secure the strap, and your mini dino is ready to go!

Head over to Creekside Learning for more details about this project.

source: ezeBreezy

7. Rubber Glove Puppet

I love a DIY project that doesn’t require you to buy a bunch of new supplies. If you can use stuff you have around the house, that’s my kind of project! This one does require a few craft supplies, but you’re likely to find most of the materials at home. This puppet is by no means glamorous, but it’s the perfect little project for your little ones!

Get the step-by-step instructions on ezeBreezy.


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