Where I live, the weather is a daily question mark. Even during each season when you expect the weather to be hot or cold, it often surprises everyone. And while it’s really frustrating because you have to change your outfit and wardrobe constantly, it’s nice that I can have a discussion with my kids about the weather. One day it might be bright and sunny, and the next it could be a snow day that shuts down the city. My son has recently grasped the concept of rain clouds, and now we have conversations about the rain and how those clouds block the sun.

One way to talk about weather that’s even more fun is with crafts. Hands-on learning is a great tool for kids because it makes concepts so much easier to understand in their little brains. When it comes to learning about the weather, these crafts will make your kiddos wish it was a different season every day!

source: I Heart Crafty Things

1. Paper Plate Sun

It doesn’t get much easier than paper plate crafts. This bright, cheery one is so easy, even the tiniest tots could master it. You know what would be really cool? Flip the plate over and paint a rain cloud on the other side of the plate, and cover the straw bits with blue glitter to represent raindrops. Your child would have so much fun flipping the plate over each day, depending on the weather!

Head over to I Heart Crafty Things for the details on this craft.


source: One Little Project

2. Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

I’m a sucker for anything colorful, so this project caught my eye. Kids are usually intrigued by shaving cream, so this is sure to be a fun experiment. The only problem might be if your kids think that real rain can turn colors, in which case, you’ll need a completely new activity to explain why that doesn’t happen!

Check out the details on this from One Little Project.

source: Mom.me

3. Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Calling all coffee drinking mamas! Now there’s a way to use those coffee filters that is educational and fun. (And, sorry, caffeine-free.) What’s great about this craft is that there’s really no “right” way to do it. Snowflakes are unique and beautiful, no matter what their design, so the possibilities for creativity here are endless.

Take a look at Mom.me for more crafting with kids ideas.

source: Buggy and Buddy

4. Weather Mobile

I really like how this project focuses on several different types of weather. And what’s even more fitting is that it’s a mobile hanging from a branch. It’s so symbolic and it looks awesome! Even if you don’t talk about weather all the time with your child, this would look adorable hanging in a child’s bedroom or nursery.

Stop by Buggy and Buddy for the step-by-step tutorial.

source: The Kindergarten Connection

5. Rain Cloud Craft

When those April showers start prepping us for May flowers, it’s time to do this craft. It’s ridiculously easy and combines various shapes, textures, and colors. There is a printable that you can use for the raindrops, but they are really easy to draw and cut out on your own too. It just depends on how big of a perfectionist you are.

The Kindergarten Connection has all the information you’ll need to do this.

source: The Craft Train

6. Weather Stones

My kids love collecting rocks from our driveway and bringing them to me. They also think it’s fun to throw them and plop them into the slots of our cars. (Not cool, kids. Not cool.) But I bet they would take extra special care of their rocks if they were painted with weather designs. And if they had a really cute bag to keep them in? Talk about their most prized possession!

Pop on over to The Craft Train for the instructions on making a felt bag and weather stones.

source: Busy Bee Mommy and Me

7. Weather Wheel

Each morning, I usually check the weather on the app on my phone. And then I pick out my children’s clothes accordingly. But it would be great if I had a weather wheel that I could use to point to the weather, and have my children choose their own clothes (with a bit of guidance). This would be a wonderful way for my kids to learn more about the weather and develop more independence.

Make your own weather wheel using the tutorial from Busy Bee Mommy and Me.


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