I’ll be honest, I’m super picky when it comes to hot dogs. This is probably due to a bad experience with a street vendor as a child, but still. If I’m going to eat a hot dog, it has to be absolutely delicious. Beef franks, mustard, and enough toppings to feed a small army. These toppings differ with how I’m feeling at the time. Sometimes I like ’em spicy and once, on a trip to Miami, I actually ate a hot dog that had been covered in fresh fruit and whipped cream. These hot dogs aren’t that wild, but they are crazy delicious. The next time your family chooses hot dogs for dinner, get rid of the ketchup and mustard and try one of these great recipes.

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1. Mexican Hot Dogs

From fresh jalapeños, to avocados, to salsa, this hot dog recipe is full of Mexican flavor. Whether you use a grill or make them some way, this recipe is super simple to create, turning these hot dogs into a dinner that is both quick and delicious.

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2. Pretzel Dogs

Sure, you can find these hot dogs in your favorite pretzel shop in the mall, but why buy what you can make at home? The pretzel bread is made entirely from scratch, wrapping around your hot dogs like a blanket of deliciousness.

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3. Bacon Cheeseburger Hot Dogs

Two classic American delicacies combine in this bacon cheeseburger hot dog. The actual franks are split open and filled with a ground beef cheeseburger mixture then topped with a white cheddar cheese sauce and all the fixings.

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4. Chili Dogs

Chili cheese dogs are about as American as apple pie, but they can definitely get a bit watered down. These dogs are topped with a healthy dose of homemade chili and warm, gooey cheese. Creating a dish that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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5. Korean Slaw Dog

Everything in this recipe is perfectly mixed and put together to create one amazing fusion dish. A delicious slaw, dressing, and homemade sauces bring Korean BBQ into the hot dog mix.

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6. Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs with Cheese Sauce

This great recipe shows that sometimes, simplicity is the best option. Savory strips of bacon are wrapped around tender, juicy hot dogs then covered in a homemade cheddar cheese sauce.

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7. Thai Style Hot Dogs

When it comes to hot dog toppings, peanuts and a papaya salad may not be your first options, but boy do they work. Kinds sweet and super nutty, these hot dogs have a taste of Thai goodness with every single bite.

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