Much like a mother’s love, tattoos are one of the most permanent things in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting a meaningful quote about life or something cute and silly, getting a tattoo is a pretty big decision. Parent’s get tattoos honoring their children all the time, and it never fails to be awe-inducing. Taking the leap and getting a matching tattoo with your own parent is an awesome way to strengthen your bond and commemorate your love for each other. These tattoos are so gorgeous they might just have you and your mom booking your own appointment in no time.


1. Not So Cliche

This phrase definitely isn’t new. “Like mother, like daughter” has been used to refer to everything from similar looks to comparable dispositions. This mother-daughter duo has taken the saying to a new level with these clever tattoos. Their gorgeous script and simplistic design are eye-catching alone but when put together, they turn into something truly special.



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2. Two Halves

Butterflies may be known as common first time tattoos or the design favored by adorable moms. While these tattoos are definitely on the simplistic side, they are far from common. They have gorgeous coloring and a well-done design that seriously makes out hearts flutter.


3. Puzzle Pieces

Mothers and daughters are like two puzzle pieces. They may be different but in the end they fit together perfectly. These tattoos may be simple, but they are perfectly indicative of the relationship present between mamas and their little girls.


4. Wise Words

These tattoos are gorgeous, colorful, and completely inspiring. The simple saying perfectly encapsulates what the strong bond between mothers and daughters is like while also being insanely fun to look at.


5. Light As A Feather

The tattoos present on this duo succeed in inspiring not only themselves, but each other, and us as well. They serve as a reminder live our lives to the fullest and enjoy the time we have on the earth with our most treasured ones.


6. Peanut Butter & Jelly

Sometimes life is tough. Between family struggles, separation, and everything in between we have to remind ourselves to take the time to just be silly. These peanut butter & jelly tattoos are a great way to let that silliness out a bit. With their cute little faces and beautiful artwork, this duo reminds us how well mothers and daughters go together.


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7. Childlike

These tattoos prove that there’s nothing wrong about embracing childlike simplicity, even in adulthood. Cute little stick figures, speaking through adorable little can-phones represent the constant communication between this duo. They are the perfect girly representation of a close relationship.


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8. Common Interests

It is clear that this mother-daughter duo has a shared interest in warm tea and good books. These tattoos are big, colorful, slightly different, and completely gorgeous. They are fantastic representation of the things that this duo bond over, making them a little less traditional but no less amazing.




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