6 Effective And Safe Workouts For Pregnant Moms

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A proper exercise regimen is just as important during pregnancy as it is during every other time in your life. Along with a well-rounded, nutritious diet, prenatal exercise can help keep you and your baby healthy, prevent gestational diabetes, and speed up your postnatal recovery time. Even with all of these advantages, it is important to remember that not all of the exercises you do regularly are safe or comfortable during pregnancy. The workouts on this list are simple but effective and totally safe for all the pregnant mamas out there.

Disclaimer: Please ensure that your physician has given you the “OK” for prenatal exercise before trying any of these workouts.

2. Core Strengthening Pregnancy Workout

Admit it, the thought of having a six-pack on top of a giant pregnant belly is totally hilarious. While many regular core-strengthening workout put a lot of focus on getting those abs tight and toned, this prenatal one works to straighten the spine, improve posture, and get rid of those pesky back pain. In under 15-minutes, this workout targets portions of your body that are put under stress by your pregnancy and helps keep your waist nice and trim at the same time.


3. Prenatal Barre Workout

Channel your inner pregnant ballerina for this great workout. The music may be high-intensity, but the exercises, which combine elements of yoga, pilates, and other forms of dance, help keep you slim and sculpt targeted parts of your body. Nearly an hour long, this workout is one best suited for days when you have a bit of time on your hands, especially if your body needs frequent breaks. It may also be advantageous to select your favorite exercises from this workout to create your own pregnancy barre routine.


4. Pregnancy Water Workout

If you’re lucky enough to have regular access to a pool during your pregnancy, this aqua workout is a spectacular choice. The water provides amazing resistance to your body while also soothing your muscles and keeping your sweat and sluggishness to a minimum. Just keep in mind that this workout may require a bit of memorization since you can’t take your laptop into the pool with you!


5. Pregnancy Stability Ball Workout

Relatively low-intensity but highly effective, this 20-minute workout utilizes tools like a stability ball and small dumbells to tighten your core, improve strength, and work on flexibility. Since it is so relaxed, this workout is perfect for any pregnancy stage. From the initial workout to the very end you will feel this effective workout in your muscles even as your heart rate stays relatively calm.


6. Prenatal Yoga Workout

We’ve all seen the pictures of those awesome pregnant yogi moms striking complex poses well into their third trimester and gotten a little envious. With this workout, you can channel your inner pregnant yoga goddess even if you are a relative beginner. This workout is relaxing and simplistic but still highly effective.


7. Prenatal Butt Workout

Give your bum the same amount of attention as the rest of your body with these surprisingly fun moves. This workout utilizes simplistic, leg-centric exercises that help keep your lower body tight, toned, and lean. While this workout still couldn’t be described as high-intensity, you may be feeling the burn in your tush and thighs for days, which is definitely a good thing.

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