During the holidays, we received several gifts in the mail that used bubble wrap as part of the packaging. And my kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. I showed them how to lay the bubble wrap flat on the ground and stomp on it to make it pop. I think it’s their new favorite hobby.

But bubble wrap can be used for so much more than just packing things in boxes. In fact, it’s quite a versatile item that could be considered a craft supply. If you’re looking for a fun new craft project to try with your kids, here are 8 really creative bubble wrap ones worth checking out!

source: Red Ted Art

1. Bubble Wrap Rain Cloud Mobile

Being a craft related to rain, this might be a good one to do on a rainy day. I think the colors used are so sweet and innocent, and that cloud face is adorable! In addition to bubble wrap, you’ll need paper, paint and a stapler. Once you’ve finished this, you can hang it on the doorknob of your child’s room, or maybe on the hook of a screened in porch on those gloomy, rainy days.

Get the full supply list and tutorial over at Red Ted Art.


source: ABC Creative Learning

2. Bubble Wrap Flower Art

When spring comes each year, flower craft tutorials fill the Pinterest boards of moms everywhere. But this is a flower craft you can try anytime! Not only is it fun, it’s also educational. You can use it as an opportunity to work on color identification, shapes, and facts about the season. I think your refrigerator would look super cute with one of these masterpieces displayed on the door.

Head over to ABC Creative Learning for the instructions on making this.

source: SheKnows

3. Bubble Wrap Bug

I don’t like bugs. Real, fake or imaginary. But I could probably get on board with this guy because he’s actually quite cute! Plus, it might be kind of fun to squeeze and pop him once he wears out his welcome. (Shh…don’t tell my son I said that.) I really like how creative you can get with this. Even though the instructions are for a bug, you could turn it into whatever creature you want.

Pop over to SheKnows for the how-to, where there are a few more fun ways to use bubble wrap.

source: Mess For Less

4. Bubble Wrap Hearts

Need a unique craft idea for Valentine’s Day? These bubble wrap hearts are super easy to make! All you do is cut out heart shapes from the bubble wrap, paint them and stick them on paper, or anywhere you want the hearts to be. Your child could get some blank cardstock to make valentines for school, or create a work of art for you to hang above your fireplace.

You’ll find the specific details for this project at Mess For Less.

source: The Resourceful Mama

5. Bubble Wrap Jellyfish

Jellyfish swimming near you in the ocean? Yikes! Jellyfish made from bubble wrap? A-OK! If your children are dying to go to the beach, but it isn’t in the plans, perhaps you can convince them that making a jellyfish craft will be just as fun. If not, this dangling dude is still worth creating. You could even hang it on your porch like a windchime!

The materials list and tutorial are available on The Resourceful Mama.

source: Pufferbellies Toys & Books

6. Bubble Wrap Photo Frames

Instead of giving grandma and grandpa or your child’s teacher the same boring gifts this year, get creative with a handmade photo frame. Aren’t these so cool? You can customize them using your favorite paint colors, add embellishments like feathers or jewels, or do a very simple design. They would also be cute for framing signs at a baby shower or other event.

Find all the details for making these frames from Pufferbellies Toys & Books.

source: Raising Little Superheroes

7. Bubble Wrap Tree

On Earth Day, or another day that celebrates nature, this tree project is a great idea. As you and your child work on this, you can discuss the ways trees benefit our environment and the importance of living a “green” life. It’s never too early to start a conversation about recycling or conservation, and if you can do so while having fun, your child is more likely to listen. Just make sure to point out that bubble wrap can usually be recycled, so this project might need to be sent to the recycle bin after it’s been displayed long enough.

Raising Little Superheros has the tutorial for this eco-friendly craft.

source: The Imagination Tree

8. Bubble Wrap Fish Mobile

Unless you have a new baby, you probably don’t need a mobile. But this is still a fun project that your kids are sure to love! Once it’s finished, you could hang it from a chandelier, or another spot in your home that has room for a hanging craft. This is a project that kids will enjoy because they get to have a hand (literally) in creating it. You basically dip bubble wrap in paint, dab it onto paper and cut out fish shapes. Stuff with grocery bags for filler, and staple shut.

Head over to The Imagination Tree for all the information on this.


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