The end of the school year isn’t QUITE upon us, but before you know it your kids will be unleashed from school and ready to enjoy their summer. Many parents want to show their kids teachers how grateful they are for educating them throughout the school year and often do so by giving gifts as a token of their appreciation. If you have multiple school aged children, this can get overwhelming and expensive. And let’s be honest, teachers get a lot of junk. You don’t want to picture your kids teachers just tossing the gift you spent hard earned money and your blood, sweat and tears on! We’ve searched high and low and come up with pretty cute and creative teacher gift ideas that we think will have a permanent post with your kids teachers for years to come.


Source: TwoSistersCrafting

1. Crayon Candy Dish

Nothing says teacher like an artsy use of crayons! This is a bright and cheerful way to say thank you for your young kids teachers. All you need is a box of crayons and a candy dish roughly the height of crayons, both inexpensive items that can be found at a craft store. Using a little hot glue is all you need to create this festive teacher gift! Toss a little candy inside and you’re done!

Head over to TwoSistersCrafting to see the entire tutorial for making your own crayon candy dish.

Karly Wood

Karly Wood

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