13 Awesome Fort Ideas To Build With Your Kids

fort ideas

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Who doesn’t love a good, old-fashioned fort? You know the one’s were talking about. Built with every cushion, pillow, tablecloth and sheet from mom’s closet that you could find! Whether it’s a rainy, hot, boring or just a regular day, these fort ideas are perfect for beating those boredom blues.

fort ideas

Source: TheHandmadeHome.net

1. No-Sew Teepee

Would you believe this teepee is made from just a system of weaving fabric over and under the teepee legs then glueing for a little extra support? We love any idea that requires minimal work and more time to play with our kiddos!

Check out TheHandmadeHome.net for all the details on making your own no-see teepee!

fort ideas

Source: ArtBarBlog.com

2. Couch Fort

You know that perfect spot between your couches? It’s a kiddos fort dream! All you need are some clothespins, string, fabric and a few nails. String up the fabric and you have the perfect portable fort.

Find all the instructions over at  ArtBarBlog.com.

fort ideas

Source: BobbyRabbit.co.uk

3.  Wooden Framed Fort

For more permanent fixtures, like reading nooks in your kiddos bedrooms or in a playroom, this simple wooden framed fort would be perfect! It’s made by stretching canvas fabric over a basic wooden frame and then secured with ties and velcro. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days under one of these forts?

Head to BobbyRabbit.co.uk to see more of this amazing bedroom and design ideas for making this fort.

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