10 Rainy Day Activities To Chase Away The Boredom Blues

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To a child, there is nothing more discouraging than a rainy day. The sun is hidden behind the clouds, only to be replaced with a gray sky and chilly rain. That’s when it happens…boredom strikes. Unsure of what to do with their new found indoor time, they resolve to sitting on the couch watching television. But, there are many ways of getting around these “boredom blues.” The kids will love doing these hands-on activities so much, that they’ll forget all about the rain outside!


#1 – Milky Bubbles

Children have long been entranced with the phenomenon of blowing bubbles into a glass of milk to watch the bubbles tower high over their glass. Here’s a fun twist on it! Grab a cookie sheet, some milk, food coloring and a straw, and let the kids go to town blowing beautiful rainbow milk bubbles all over the cookie sheet! Easy cleanup, and tons of fun for the kids!

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