10 Fun Fall Crafts To Do With The Kids

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As the autumn season progresses, the air gets chillier, which means that sometimes, the kids have to stay inside. When DVD movies and board games just aren’t doing the trick to beat their boredom, it’s always fun to break out the arts and crafts supplies! Plus, with the holiday season upon us, there are just so many occasions that you can inspire you to create craft masterpieces that you and your little ones will be able to cherish for years to come!


#1 – Paper Plate Spiderwebs

Halloween is without a doubt one of the most anticipated holidays of the autumn season. Bats, witches and monsters abound, and pumpkins lurk around every corner. But store-bought decorations can get kind of boring after awhile, so why not make some of your own indoor decorations? These adorable spiderwebs made from everyday items you have in your home can be a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit! No Wooden Spoons has a great tutorial on how to craft these cute creations!

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