Spring break is one of the most popular times to travel. Between the college kids and families looking for a break from their busy, daily lives, just about every beach destination and amusement park is filled to the brim with people during March and April.

Many families, though, often choose to forgo spring break travel and stay home. Whether it’s because of overcrowding, money, a lack of time, or plans for a large trip during the summer, staying home is always a valid choice. But that doesn’t mean that you have to spend the entire week cooped up in the house, going about your daily routine. Here are 6 great ways to spend your spring break if you don’t have any plans.

day trip

1. Go On A Day Trip

Just because your family isn’t going to the beach or taking an expensive trip abroad doesn’t mean you can’t do a little traveling over spring break. Day trips provide families with the opportunities to spend time together and experience new places without the pressure of spending tons of money or taking tons of time away from their regular lives. gather the family up in the car and take a drive to the nearest big city.

Start out early in the morning so you have plenty of time to explore during the day. Visit a couple museums, take a cheap tour, and eat at some new restaurants. No matter how big or small the city is, your family will be happy for the adventure it provides.


baseball game

2. Head To A Couple Baseball Games

If you live in a large city that hosts a Major League team, tickets to baseball games are probably super expensive or hard to get. Odds are, though, your city also holds a minor league team or a college team. The tickets to those games are significantly lower but the experience is just as great. Take the family to a ball game or two, enjoy the beautiful spring weather, and enjoy some quality time together.


3. Be Tourists In Your Own City

You’d be surprised at how many cool attractions you miss in your city by virtue of being used to it. While the parts of your city that you visit and spend time at regularly probably aren’t exciting anymore, there are still tons of things to be discovered. Gather up your family and spend some time in the places tourists go when they visit your city. Enjoy the same things that attract other people to the place where you live. By the end of the day, everyone in the family will have a new appreciation for their surroundings.

air fort

Source: airfort.com

4. Have Some Fun In An Air Fort

You don’t even really need to leave the house to have fun during your home-based spring break. All you need is something to keep the kids from going stir crazy. Luckily, Air Fort is here to do just that. The giant, reusable forts are blown up and sustained using common household box and round fans and are completely safe for the kids to spend all their time in.

Air Fort’s are available in two different colors, a dark Camo and pretty pink/white. They are extremely easy to assemble and a breeze to store. These fun “little” forts are the perfect thing to keep your kids busy and having fun all spring break.

You can find more information and buy your Air Fort here.

hotel room

5. Book A Hotel Room For A Night

I’m a big proponent of staycations. Significantly less expensive than going away but still extremely fun, staycations give your family the chance to experience a little bit of fun and luxury without all the fuss of traveling. If you can spring for it, book a night’s stay at a nice hotel in your city. Pack a bag, enjoy the room, go to dinner, take advantages of the indoor pools and spas. Have a good time “vacationing” in your city.


6. Turn Your Backyard Into A Water Park

The best thing about spring break is getting the time to enjoy the gorgeous weather. Sun shining brightly, flowers blooming, warm but not too hot just yet. This weather is also perfect for having a little family water fun. You can easily turn your backyard into a water wonderland with a hose, some sprinklers, a waterslide, or just a few buckets and water guns. Get wet, pumped full of energy, and take the time to enjoy the warmth and the quality time together before you have to get back to your daily grind.




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